Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

Last month Matt & I flew to Vegas for a few days for the 2013 NFR.  It was the first time in 5 years that I had been to Vegas & even longer than that for Matt.  Needless to say we were overdue for a trip to 'ol Sin City & I couldn't wait until we landed!  My best friend Kimberly & her husband would be there at the same time as us & then we realized my dad & his girlfriend would be there as well!

We shopped, we drank, we walked, we ate delicious food, we drank... & overall a great week!

The Venetian Christmas

Breakfast at the Peppermill Restaurant - go there.  You will not be disappointed!

 Team Ropin' watching at South Point

Christmas at South Point

My bestie!

We stayed at The Stratosphere hotel.  While it was a fine hotel, it was the northern most hotel on the strip which made it difficult getting to certain places & ultimately cost us more in the end.  Since we were hotel guest we were able to go up to the observation deck & check out all of Las Vegas - pretty cool!

I was a little hungry so we grabbed a quick bite to eat...

Fremont St.!

The freaks of Fremont St!

& That's all she wrote!  It was such a fun time & I'm glad that Matt & I were finally able to experience Las Vegas together!!  We're well rested at this point & ready to go back next year.  Now if we can only keep the NFR in Vegas for many more years to come!

Have you ever been to Vegas?

What was your favorite part?



  1. First off, that top you're wearing with your best friend... I love it!!! Second, I think we need to be friends in real life because this looks like so much fun! hehe

  2. I love Vegas!!! We have been 3 times and it never gets old!!! I like staying in the middle. We have stayed at Treasure Island and Mirage and also at NYNY. I like the ones in the middle as well!!!! Was the finals at MGM?

  3. I've still never been to Vegas but I'm dying to go! 2014 is our self proclaimed "Year of Travel" so I'm going to try and work a trip in!!

  4. Vegas is so much fun! I love it! So happy you had a good time!

  5. Glad yal had a wonderful time. I hate we didn't get to catch up but on the bright side our kidos are not going next year so we will be free. lol

  6. oh that's amazing. Oh man this trip looks like one definitely awesome. I love your photos. Thanks for tell me more thing about Las Vegas.


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