Monday, February 24, 2014

Productive Weekends are Good Weekends!

Whew!  What a weekend!  Matt & I have been working our tails off working on re-modeling the back bedrooms of the house the last couple of weeks.  We finally finished the new office last week which led to Thursday moving everything from the old office into the new office & Friday night/Saturday morning I was organizing it all.  While the room is done as far as remodels go it's not done as far as decorations.  I have a lot of ideas for this room & cannot wait to share the finished product with y'all!  Here's a sneak peek of the office...

After the office was organized, I gathered all of my painting supplies, everything I had planned to paint... bedside tables, corner shelf, hardware, chalk board & frame & air vents!  Needless to say my right arm is still a little sore from all the spray painting! HA!

My favorite piece was the corner shelf.  I picked it up in Canton last year some time.  I didn't know what I would do with the shelf but, knew it would be the perfect piece for some place special at some point.  So, it's soon-to-be new home is in the office above my desk!  I think it just turned out sooo cute & am so glad I chose gold for the paint color!
For those interested, I used this metallic gold spray paint.

This weekend was definitely a productive one!!  You would think we might want to take a break this week but, no... I'm ready to tackle more projects!  Now, if the sun will just stay out & the wind will chill out a bit we'll be doing perfect!  Happy Monday!



Friday, February 14, 2014

5 Years - Why We Work

Today makes 5 years that Matt & I have been in each other's lives.  I had no clue then that He would end up being the man of my dreams.  The one who I laugh with, cry with, can't get enough of & always want to be with.  I'm crazy in love with this guy & can't believe I now get to call him my husband!?!?!  In honor of being together for 5 years today, here's 5 reason of why we work.

One - We both truly love live music & dancing.  Before I met Matt I was always out with my girlfriends going from concert to concert.  I knew that whoever I settled down with would have to enjoy life music as much as I did.  Ding! Ding!  Even though now being an grown adult, home owner & just plain getting older doesn't allow for to go see concerts & dance as much as we used to, we still enjoy it just as much.  Maybe even more since we don't get to as often.

Colonial Golf Tournament 2009

Two - Our inside jokes & that we're extremely comfortable together.  I used to think we weren't very funny people... and maybe we're not to other & that's ok.  However, I tend to think that we are fun & that we have a lot of fun together.  We have inside jokes & dance parties... I dance, Matt more just stands there & laughs but, you know I mean.  On top of that, we're extremely comfortable with each other.  We talk about anything & everything under the sun, moon & stars.  Some might think we share too much with each other but, hey! there's potential that we're going to be wiping each others rears one day... How could it get any more personal!?  #weknowwe'reweird

USS Lexington, Corpus Christi 2010

Three - Matt never tells me "no".  Ok, maybe he does sometimes but, I can't really think of a time where He's told me "no" & I ended up being miserable or sooo upset over it.  I asked Matt one time why He never tells me "no" & his response... "Because I just want you to be happy".  Umm... melt ma heart!!  It's true though & it goes both ways.  I always want to see him happy & make him happy.  We want and do things for each other because we know it's what the other wants.  I get true joy out of seeing this man happy.  It does't take much to make him happy but, that's also what I love about him too - he's simple.

Top Golf, 2011

Four - = Food.  Particularly Mexican food.  We enjoy it all way too much!  Home cooked meal or in a restaurant... we'll even do fast food or a food truck.  We love it all!!

St. Patty's Day, 2012

Five - Because I like to ride our his motorcycle.  Matt told me verrrry early on in our relationship that He was glad I liked to ride the motorcycle because if I didn't, He didn't think we would work out.  Whew!  Glad I passed that one!  ;)  I hopped on the back of his motorcycle after knowing him less than 24 hours... smart I know.  But, I trusted him... thank goodness... and I fell in love with riding!  We've been to a handful of bike rally's now, taken off work early on beautiful days just to end up riding about 150 miles in one afternoon, it's been our 2nd vehicle when I was in between cars, & most of all it's been something that we can do together.  Just the two of us or with all of our friends & I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I know when kids come along it will be harder to find time to ride but, I hope it's never not an option.

Ft. Worth Stock Show ready, 2013

Happy 5 years & Valentine's day to my love!!  Here's to at least another 50 together!

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

February Goals!

I seriously have no clue where January went.  I feel like a broken record saying that all the time but, it is the honest truth y'all!  If I remember correctly, January was a pretty good month overall.  Definitely some stressors at times but, good times too of course!  I'm excited to see February here though because this year it marks 5 years that Matt & I have been together!!  & yes, we're doing a little celebration for it too!  People have said "since you're married you don't celebrate your dating anniversary anymore!"  Umm... yes, yes we do.  As much as I'm excited for our 1 year wedding anniversary to be approaching in a few months, I think 5 years of being together means something special too.  Sure, bravo that we made it through year 1 or marriage life but, we've made it through 5 years together without being married the majority of the time... we stuck it out for each other, we laughed, we cried, we played, we learned, we went through so many trials & tribulations + all the amazingly good times we had too... but, we did it because we actually wanted to be there... not just because we're married & now we've made this commitment to each other, etc.  We went through all of that because we wanted to & that's where our hearts were at.  So for that, we are celebrating... we're celebrating it all!  For future years, we may not celebrate like we will this year but, there will always be some sort of small acknowledgement for how long we've been together & I love that!

+Continue writing my daily gratitude  I started off really strong but, I need to pick this back up!
+ Celebrate my lovers birthday  Done!
+ Stick to our budget for the month  Bombed it!!  We've made a much more realistic one for Feb though!
+ Have a successful blood drive at the end of the month  My heart is sooo happy!  We were able to donate 28 units of blood last Friday at our first annual blood drive!  We had some great businesses join us for a mini health fair & it was just an all-around awesome, awesome day!!!
+ Take a photography class Again, heart so happy!  It was so much fun & I can't wait to take another class!
+ Help/encourage Matthew on his new adventure  He's doing great!!  I'm so proud of him!!
+ Have the current catch-all/future office completed  We're technically doing finishing touches this week but, it's pretty much done!
+ Refinish bedside tables
+ Refinish dining room chairs
+ Get a massage
+ Finish decorating the breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Workout 3+ times per week
+ Go to a spin class twice
+ E-mail wedding photographer

Wowza!  I pretty much failed at the latter part!  Here's to February!!

February Goals

+ Take another photography class
+ Do 2 family photo shoots - yes!  I'm just getting started but, I have found photography is something I really enjoy!!  If you're in the area, contact me!!
+ Finish future office & start/finish future baby room!  (No babe in tow yet :))
+ Finish decorating breakfast nook/kitchen area
+ Refinish desk
+ Have formal dining table done & DONE!
+ Refinish dining room chairs
+ Get a massage
+ Celebrate the best 5 years of my life!!
+ Pick back up with my daily gratitude
+ Finish Wife After God devotional
+ Read 1 new book
+ Order/make March birthday gifts (Determined to be better about this this year!!)
+ Workout 8 times this month
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish taxes (uggh!  This normally isn't so hard!!)
+ Make purchases for photography goods
+ E-mail wedding photographer
+ Do a house tour "up close" room by room of decorations

Found this on Pinterest the other day... I've been thinking so much lately... just about life & making it your own... you decide which side of the bed you're going to wake up on each day & you decide how you're going to react to certain things.  I shared this quote the other day & wrote this post last week about trying new things... seriously y'all, try it!!  Take control of what you can control, pray to the Lord to take the wheel on the rest & guide you to where you should be or to be the person you are meant to be.  I've been doing a lot of this lately & it feels amazing!!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We're the Cool Aunt & Uncle

This last weekend Matt & I got to keep our nephews for the whole weekend!  We've taken them for day trips & watched them before but, this was the first time we had them with us for an entire weekend.  We were really excited to see the boys & excited to have some fun with them.  What we didn't anticipate was how exhausted we would be come Sunday afternoon!  HA!  They are 4 & 6 & they are 100% boys!!

Saturday morning started off with a little coloring session & breakfast.  Then, we were off to the Ft. Worth Stock Show for the day.  The boys had been before but, we decided to take them anyways... turns out they had a great time!!  #coolauntanduncle  From climbing on tractors, to riding carnival rides, running into the stock show mascots, petting zoo & pony rides & of course... cotton candy.  It was the epitome of a day at the stock show!

I may or may not have convinced him He needed to ride this ride... with me of course!

And... what's a boys weekend without a wrestling match??  + puppy to join in on the fun!

Until the next nephew weekend....



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