Monday, February 24, 2014

Productive Weekends are Good Weekends!

Whew!  What a weekend!  Matt & I have been working our tails off working on re-modeling the back bedrooms of the house the last couple of weeks.  We finally finished the new office last week which led to Thursday moving everything from the old office into the new office & Friday night/Saturday morning I was organizing it all.  While the room is done as far as remodels go it's not done as far as decorations.  I have a lot of ideas for this room & cannot wait to share the finished product with y'all!  Here's a sneak peek of the office...

After the office was organized, I gathered all of my painting supplies, everything I had planned to paint... bedside tables, corner shelf, hardware, chalk board & frame & air vents!  Needless to say my right arm is still a little sore from all the spray painting! HA!

My favorite piece was the corner shelf.  I picked it up in Canton last year some time.  I didn't know what I would do with the shelf but, knew it would be the perfect piece for some place special at some point.  So, it's soon-to-be new home is in the office above my desk!  I think it just turned out sooo cute & am so glad I chose gold for the paint color!
For those interested, I used this metallic gold spray paint.

This weekend was definitely a productive one!!  You would think we might want to take a break this week but, no... I'm ready to tackle more projects!  Now, if the sun will just stay out & the wind will chill out a bit we'll be doing perfect!  Happy Monday!



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  1. Can't wait to see the finished room, these pieces look great and metallics are my new fav!


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