Wednesday, February 5, 2014

We're the Cool Aunt & Uncle

This last weekend Matt & I got to keep our nephews for the whole weekend!  We've taken them for day trips & watched them before but, this was the first time we had them with us for an entire weekend.  We were really excited to see the boys & excited to have some fun with them.  What we didn't anticipate was how exhausted we would be come Sunday afternoon!  HA!  They are 4 & 6 & they are 100% boys!!

Saturday morning started off with a little coloring session & breakfast.  Then, we were off to the Ft. Worth Stock Show for the day.  The boys had been before but, we decided to take them anyways... turns out they had a great time!!  #coolauntanduncle  From climbing on tractors, to riding carnival rides, running into the stock show mascots, petting zoo & pony rides & of course... cotton candy.  It was the epitome of a day at the stock show!

I may or may not have convinced him He needed to ride this ride... with me of course!

And... what's a boys weekend without a wrestling match??  + puppy to join in on the fun!

Until the next nephew weekend....



  1. Coolest aunt & uncle ever. Award goes to y'all! P.S. Did you scarf down some cotton candy?? I can't get enough!

  2. How sweet. The puppy in the picture was extra special.


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