Friday, March 7, 2014

5 on Friday

Happy Friday!!

One - Well, this happened yesterday!!  I have been to the gym/worked out 1 time since January 1st & I've been desperately needing to get back at it for a while now... a long while now.  Needless to say as I was wanting to die on the office floor yesterday & it hurts like no other to move today, I'm so glad I got in a workout & I am starting back up again!  Here's to an all around healthier me... & skinnier of course!

Two - Better late than never right??  I shared our Valentine's/5 year anniversary on the blog yesterday.  Check it out... do you & your significant other make it a point to have special date nights, in?  It was such a good evening for the both of us - I can't wait to have another date night soon!

Three - Last weekend I attended a baby shower for a dear friend of ours.  The sweet hostess gave one of the best gifts... Bath & Body Works lotions!  I received the Country Chic & let me tell y'all... it smells heavenly!  I haven't been in the store in a little while so, I'm not sure when this one actually hit the shelves but, take my advice & go get yourself a bottle... or two or three.  It smells so, so good!!
Country Chic Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

Four - Last week I was perusing different sites for some gender neutral colored curtains for our new office.  I stumbled upon these beauties (& yes for that price!) from Urban Outfitters & fell in love!  They are set to arrive on my door step today so, I cannot wait to get home & check them out in person!  Better yet, I can't wait to hang them up in our office!
Magical Thinking Dotted Medallion Curtain

Five - Speaking of curtains... Did anyone know that Hobby Lobby sells curtain rods (+ a ton of other curtain gadgets)!?!?  I found this on Pinterest yesterday & had to check it out for myself!  I will most definitely be hunting these down in the store to see just how comparable they are.  I think if you're not looking for anything too fancy, for the price they would be perfect!

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Hope that you have a great weekend!!



  1. love those curtains!! :) yay for being newlyweds, happy to find you via the link up!

  2. Excited to find your blog & to read more! Love finding other bloggers in TX!

  3. Did not know that they sold curtain gear. I'll have to check it out. Don't you just love B&BW. My new favorite is Amber Blush. Happy Friday to you! Hopefully it'll warm up here in Texas!

  4. Bath and Body Works makes scents other than Sweet Pea and Juniper Breeze?? Hahaha! I have not been in that store in YEARS! Loving those curtains! I too are in the middle of an office re-vamp and are trying to avoid buying curtains and using what I have. So when you get finished putting your up, just come to Georgia and help me with mine!


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