Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Goals

I know that February is a short month but, oh ma goodness!  It flew by!  Luckily, short month & all, I was actually able to get some things accomplished from my goals for the month!  Considering I haven't been doing too great with my goals the last few months I feel pretty good about this month!  So, let's get to it!

February Goals

+ Take another photography class
+ Do two family shoots I had one successful one & Mother Nature made us reschedule the other.     It's on the books for March so I count it as a win
Finish new office & begin on guest/future baby room I can't wait to finish decorating the office      & show y'all!
+ Finish decorating breakfast nook/kitchen area Almost done just had a leettle set back
+ Refinish desk
+ Have formal dining room done & done Done!
+ Refinish dining room chairs I found a tutorial on Pinterest & can't wait to test it out soon!
+ Get a massage
+ Celebrate the best 5 years of my life
+ Pick back up with my daily gratitude
+ Finish Wife After God devotional
+ Read one new book
+ Order/make March birthday gifts
+ Workout 8 times this month
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish taxes  I started but, gah there's so much that goes into them once you buy a house!
+ Make purchases for photography goods Lightroom 5 y'all!  I'm soo learning!!
+ E-mail wedding photographer
+ Do a house tour "up close" room by room of decorations

Whew!  It's been a busy, busy month but, I'm so grateful for everything I was able to get accomplished!  March is a busy month as well & will be gearing up for the busiest months of the year... weddings & wedding festivities!!  So, here we go...

+ Take a photography class
+ Take my best friends bridals - I'm nervous but, I definitely want to deliver 110% for her!
+ Refinish dining room chairs
+ Start my daily gratitude, again
+ Finish Wife After God - also my Lenten intention
+ Read one new book
+ Just get to the gym!
+ Stay on budget - we've made a good one this month & I think know we can do it!
+ Finish taxes
+ Finish decorating office
+ Order April Birthday gifts - pathetic I have to put this on here but, so far it's helping!
+ Finish the master, 2nd guest room & hallway remodels
+ Clean up my sad looking yards
+ Set office hours for Matt & I to work on our side projects

What's on your goal list for March??



  1. Can't wait to see the pictures of your friend's bridals! You'll do great!

  2. I can't believe it's March either. February always flies but this year I blinked and it was over! Inspired by your goals + I am sure you will rock your friends bridal portraits...what an honor and special moment for both of y'all :) Xx.

  3. Am so proud (and a little envious) that you not only SET goals...but, you actually accomplish them! There are days...okay...weeks...when I seem to get nothing done! ;D


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