Wednesday, April 30, 2014

B-B-Budget - Our Monthly Budget {How To}

Almost every month I make it a goal for Matt & I to "stay on budget".  It may sound a little silly but, making a budget, keeping up with a budget & staying on said budget takes work & is a conscious decision we make everyday.  Many of you have asked different questions about our budget & how we make it work so, I wanted to share how we make up our budget with y'all today.  And because who doesn't not like knowing what other people are up to!? 

Here's a few tid-bits...

  • Matt & I pay bills & do our budget together every month.  It started this way because when we first lived together we still had separate accounts & we split all of the bills.  Now, it's second nature to us & it makes us both knowledgeable & accountable for everything that goes in & out of our accounts.
  • Matt & I have joint accounts.  We have 3 total but, both of our names are on each account & we work/eat/live out of them together.  I know some people have a yours, mine & ours or a yours & mine... Choose whatever works best for you & your spouse!
  • We keep a small desk calendar just for bills - my personal day planner is completely separate.
  • We're both Dave Ramsey fans!
  • We both share the same goal when it comes to our finances... GET OUT OF DEBT!!!

So... Here's how we put our budget together each & every month...

1.  Bust out the calendar & make sure all of the "household bills" are filled in.  This would be any bill that is reoccurring... from Mortgage to the gym & vet payments.

2.  Make sure each of your debt payments are accounted for & figure up how much you will need for gas & groceries for the month.  Ex. $100/week for groceries you would put $400.  We also look ahead & see what birthdays, showers & trips we have coming up & have a set amount we will spend on each of those items.  Write all of these on the calendar, including payments that are on auto withdraw from your account.  You want to know when & where your money is going!!

3.  Calculate your total monthly income & your total debt.  For us, our income each month doesn't change so, that's an easy one.  However, if you do shift work or just work different amounts of hours each pay period, figure up what you will bring home on the minimum amount of hours you will work.  Ex. You will always work a minimum of 20 hours but, sometimes it's 35 or so.  Base your income off of the 20 hours you know for sure you'll be working.  Everything else is bonus!

4.  Once you have your monthly income & total for all bills including groceries & everything, subtract what's going out from what's coming in for the month.  (The calendar will help you visualize & stay on track when things are due & when you'll be paid again).  From there, figure up how much "cushion" you feel comfortable with in your checking account & put the rest in savings and/or an extra payment towards a debt.
  • For paying off our debts we follow Dave Ramsey's rule of thumb - Pay off the smallest debt first.  If they are all about the same amount, pay off the one with the biggest interest rate first.

I could probably go on & on about budget stuff but, I'll spare you.  Dave always says, "tell your money where it's going!" & I love that - it gets me excited seeing the light at the end of our debt tunnel!  Just remember, be honest & realistic when making your budget.  Too much month at the end of your money??  Try cutting back on eating out & cooking at home more - take your lunch.  Do you really, really need all of those TV channels?  These are questions we've had to ask ourselves & reevaluate our priorities - sucks being a big kid some times.

Click here for the above printable.  Feel free to ask me any questions at all or if you would like me to elaborate on anything that I've talked about today!

Happy Budgeting!!!


Monday, April 28, 2014

Nothing a Little Spray Paint Can't Fix

A fun and productive weekend was just what we needed... and just what we had.  Friday kicked off the weekend with dinner at a great restaurant in Weatherford for my bestfriend's birthday.  It was nice to see all of my favorite girls (& their guys) & have some good 'ol fashion fun, as Erin put it.  Happy Birthday Hiedi Ann!!

Saturday we were up bright & early... From all the demo we've been doing we've accumulated quite the donation pile to go to the Habitat Restore.  #RemodelRejects  The remainder of the weekend was spent around the house working on various projects.

Final look at the kitchen, before the back splash was torn out & the new counter tops go in tomorrow! 

I finally finished painting our bedside tables.  I started probably 2 months ago & ran out of paint... Finally, finally they are done & are waiting on their new home to be completed!

I couldn't stop spray painting with the bedside tables.  Matt & I had stopped at a couple of yard sales on Saturday morning & we hit the jack pot at the second one.  This large candle abra was one of my finds... for $5!  I had already decided it would be going on the back porch with a large cintranella candle on it.  However, it needed something a little more & I already had this paint on hand from previous projects.  I'm so happy with the way it turned out & can't wait to find a candle & put it to use!

Here's the detailing up close

Another finally... decorating our office.  We've been done remodeling this room for a while now but, with all of the other projects taking place the actual decorating of the room has been put to the back burner.  There's still much more to go but, for now this (+ more not pictured) makes me happy, happy!

I hope you all had a great weekend & a happy Monday!!


Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday!

Happy Friday!  I'm not sure what it is about full weeks after a short week but, geeze they just seem to drag out!  Glad it's Friday though & looking forward to this weekend filled with fun & productivity!

1. Puppy snuggles... They're seriously the best thing in the world!  I'm trying to soak up a lot of these before we take him to the grandparents on Monday.  I know Bingham has so much fun there & is more than well taken care of so, that makes it easier for sure!

2. I still just can't get enough of this.... just preciousness if you ask me!  But, I could be bias.  ;)

3. The Other Woman... It comes out today & I want to see this movie so bad!!  Hoping I can sneak away soon to the theatre because it looks absolutely hilarious!  Anyone else have plans to see this movie??

4.  If you didn't already see Insta (@shayna_yancey) this happened last night... Picking out paint colors for our master bedroom!  For the last year that we've lived in our house I haven't even decorated in there because I knew sooner or later everything would be hauled out of there to make it a completely new space.  I've never experimented with bold colors or really anything other than tans, creams & whites on such a large scale.  I'm more of a neutral with pops of color kind of girl.  I'm nervous but, very excited about stepping out of the box here!  Anyone else go big or go home with paint colors??

5. SO ready for this weekend!  We have a birthday dinner tonight for my best friend, hopefully will be finished with our master bedroom by Sunday & then next week we're taking a quick get away for our anniversary (1 year already!?  How in the heck did that go by so fast!?!?) & I get to meet this precious little lady!!!  So stinkin excited about that!!

Linking up with Christina, Natasha, April & Darci today!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!


Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baked Tilapia + Veggies & Rice

This is a recipe that my boss passed along to me several years ago.  It's a go-to meal when we're short on time in the evenings but, still need a home cooked meal.  Paired with veggies & rice, it's filling but, doesn't make you feel miserable afterwards either.  For dinner this evening I chose cut green beans & a new (to us) brown rice & barley grain blend to go along with the Tilapia.

- Tilapia filets
- Lemon or Lime juice
- Lemon Pepper seasoning
- Choice of veggies
- Choice of rice

Baked Tilapia

1. Start by defrosting the tilapia in a sink full of hot water.  It usually only takes about 5-10 minutes.
2. Line a cookie sheet with tin foil so that you can close it around the tilapia.
3. Once the tilapia is defrosted, space them out evenly on the cookie sheet.  Squirt a little lemon/lime juice on each & then sprinkle the lemon pepper seasoning.

4. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 350 and then flip.  Add a little more lemon/lime juice and lemon pepper & bake for another 10 minutes.

Green Beans

A lot of times we cook canned green beans just for the ease factor.  For 2 cans of green beans I add 2 chicken bullion cubes.  Once they are dissolved, add some cumin seasoning & mix together.  Let the seasonings cook together for a few minutes & done!

We normally pick up a couple packs of Uncle Ben's 90 second rice, Roasted Chicken flavor to go with the tilapia.  For tonight, we used a new brown rice & barley mix I found in the rice section at Central Market, that was really good!  This & Quinoa might be a better option if you're looking to go a healthier route.

What ways to you cook Tilapia?


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The DiY-ers Painting Essentials

As most of you know, last year when we bought our house we bought it with the intentions of completely remodeling it.  We're nearing the tail end of remodels now so it feels like we can breath a little... but, just a little.  There's a never ending list with homes!  By the time we're done with the remodel we will have painted every wall, ceiling, door, door trim, baseboard & cabinets in our house + the mailbox!  So, with a few painting projects under our belt we decided to put together our list of the DIY-ers Painting Essential!  

1. Black drop cloth - Don't even begin thinking you're a steady hand & won't drip a drop on your pretty carpet... pretty carpet or not you will drop paint at some point.  Do yourself a favor & prepare your space first.

2. Blue Painters Tape - There's all kinds of different sizes & brands in this stuff.  You'll need to find the size & kind that works best for your project.  Whatever you end up using just know that you need this stuff to hold down paper, tape off windows, etc.

3. Painting Combo Pack - This is the best bang for you buck, hands down.  Including everything from the painting tray, brushes, rollers & the paint can opener... If you don't know where to start, start here & then figure out what else you might need.

4. Plastic Paint Tray Liner - A life saver... & super cheap too!  These go right in the metal paint tray and can be thrown away once you're done with your project leaving little to no mess on the actual tray itself thus, little to no clean-up of the tray.  Clean & simple... my kind of project!

5. Metal Paint Tray - If you need more than 1 metal paint tray, which you might if you're painting multiple places or colors at one time.  You really don't need a ton of these around but, an extra one never hurt.

6. Small Foam Roller Set - These come in super handy when painting doors & mostly flat baseboards.  Much like the painting combo pack, these come with the roller & painting tray.  Perfect to carry in hand whether you're using it for the roller or touching up spots with a paint brush.  I have a technique for painting the doors with these that I'll be sharing soon!

7. Multi-pack Paint Rollers - Yes, you can wash these & reuse them but, there will come a time where they get too "used" or you're needing completely different paint colors & you'll need a new roller.  These are always good to have a few extra on hand.

8. 4-Piece Paint Brush Set - Same with the painting combo pack... the best bang for your buck.  These are perfect for doing multiple projects that need different size brushes.  It's also a great way to figure out if you need more of a particular size or not.

I hope this can be a good reference for any fellow DiY-ers or those who are thinking of embarking on a new project!  Don't be scared... jump in!  If you mess something up, chances are it can be fixed!  Just remember that every project is different so, there may be something else out there that works better for you.  Feel free to ask me any questions about painting or anything else DiY!

Happy Painting!!


*We were not compensated by Home Depot to use or review any of the above listed products.  They happen to have everything we need & have great customer service as well.  Basically, it's our store of choice.  : )

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Happy Monday after Easter, friends!  I hope you each had a wonderful weekend however you celebrated!  Here's a glimpse at our weekend spent with family in Corpus Christi this weekend.

Adult Easter baskets were made for both of my aunts.  Full details here.

My love... as we were getting blown away!

Yummy layered cake made by yours truly.  Tutorial coming soon!

My loves

The babes checking out all of their goodies!

My most favorite of all... the innocence of a little babe so excited over every. single. egg.  Too precious!

I hope you each had a wonderful weekend!  Happy Monday!

Also, thank you for all of the suggestions via the blog, Insta & FB for upcoming blog topics!!


Adult Easter Basket

Who says Easter baskets are only for kids!?  I'm 27 & still receive an Easter basket every year from my Aunt... I' don't ever want to grow up!!  So, this year I decided to return the favor in a fun little way!  Insert the Adult Easter Basket!

Here's what I've included in mine:
Plastic martini glass
Reusable plastic ice cubes
Spring/Summer sandals
Spring Chicken

Now all we need is vodka!  The perfect combination for a fun Spring or Summer day!

*All items were found at Target & Hobby Lobby.  I was not compensated for any use or review of any products.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hi friends!  I feel like lately I've only come here to share our weekends, my monthly goals or a random happy Friday post!  I've really wanted to be here but, you know that thing called creativity??  Yeah, I haven't had any... at all... zero, zilch, nada, nothing.

Yes, we're still in the middle of remodeling our house but, nothing exciting going on there that's really blog worthy... we've redone all of the bedrooms minus the master & hallway.  We are getting new counter tops & back splash but, that's not really fun until after it's in... & I can swoon over my beautiful new counter tops!  Anyways, what I'm getting at is I am stuck y'all!  Stuck on what the heck to even come here & talk about.

So, this is where you come in...  What do you want to hear or know about??

Our monthly budget I'm always trying to stick to?

Questions about our house remodel?

Our first year of marriage?

Recipes that are tried & true?
(I do have some that I would like to share soon!)

Those are just some suggestions but, feel free to ask anything you would like!

You can either comment below with your question or send me an e-mail here if you would like!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Rundown!

Oh weekend... Please come back??  Can we have a do-over but, exactly how this one went??  I wouldn't change a thing!  Friday night Matt & I went to dinner down town & then walked around the Ft. Worth Main St. Arts Festival.  We always love going to the arts festival - we're not really "artsy people" per say but, I do enjoy seeing all of the different things people come up with and create.  Truly amazing & so many very talented people out there!!  Below are all different creations out of pressed bottle caps - pretty impressive!

Saturday morning it was up early for a waxing appointment, for me not Matt! HA!  Despite the awkwardness that is always involved with those appointments, all of the ladies at the boutique were super nice & it was a good experience.  I mean, when they hand you a mimosa upon walking in, you know they're good people!  If you're in Ft Worth & looking for a professional waxing establishment, go to Vanity Room Boutique!  I really can't say anything bad about them!

After my appointment we were ready to feed our tummies.  I have passed Montgomery St. Cafe several, several times & we've never stopped in or made it a point to go.  So, Saturday morning happen to be the perfect opportunity!  The parking lot is always packed so, you know that's a good sign!  We walked in & just our luck there was one booth open!  Matt devoured an omlette & I went with a classic, southern breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, grits & toast - it was really good!  It's a tee tiny restaurant with probably 12 tables or so.  Checkered floors, wooden booths & waitresses that greeted us with a "Good mornin' y'all! How are y'all doing today!?"  A quintessential southern cafe!

Do you see the old fridge in the back??  It still works!!

Saturday night it was off to Dallas to celebrate a friends birthday!  There's never a dull moment with this group & Saturday night was no exception.  We all had so much fun celebrating at Pete's Piano Bar!

Sunday we lounged, watched movies & let the ground soak up all the rain we received throughout the day.  It was really a nice day & and the perfect way to end an awesome weekend!!

Cheers to Monday!!

How was your weekend??


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Goals!

I say it often & I'm sure I'm not the only one but, where in the heck did the last month go!?!?  It's insane how quickly time flies whether you're "busy" or not.  I'm thankful for everything we have going and are able to do though so, I wouldn't have it any other way.  *Also, I've had this post drafted, mostly ready, since the 2nd... just FYI.  Let's take a look back...

Take a photography class I signed up for the online at A Beautiful Mess!
+ Take my best friends bridals Didn't happen for legit reason... she's preggers!!!
+ Refinish dining room chairs Can't they just re-do themselves!?  I'm terrified of redoing chairs because of how many nooks & crannies there are.  Basically, I'm afraid they're going to look terrible when I'm done! :(
+ Start my daily gratitude, again Fail
+ Finish Wife After God Not finished yet
+ Read 1 new book
+ Just get to the gym I didn't get to the gym but, I did work out so, I'm counting it!  I also joined the 1800 Minute Challenge this week!  Check it out!!
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish taxes Done & we already have it back in the bank!  Cha-Ching!!
+ Finish decorating office
+ Order April birthday gifts  It's getting done THIS week!
+ Finish remodeling the master, 2nd guest room & hallway  Yeah... we've been slacking a bit but, we'll be done in the next couple of weeks... realistically!
+ Clean up my sad looking yard  Free yard therapy is so good for the soul!
+ Set office hours for Matt & I  Yeah, what's that!?  As soon as this remodel stuff is done!


+ Finish staining the dining room bench & clean up chairs
+ Read a book & finish it
+ Gym/Workout 3-4 times per week
+ Decorate Office
+ Complete back-o-the-house renovation
+ Stay on budget
+ Keep up with our meal planning for the entire month - We did great last week!
+ See the Texas Bluebonnets in South/Central Texas
+ Plant flowers in our flower beds
+ Dinner date with Matt in the back yard... at least once!
+ Enjoy the calm before the storm that is the months of May & June for us.  Haha!
+ Play tennis with Matt - We love to play we just never make the time.  This month we are!
+ Have all of my outfits picked out waaay ahead of time for our anniversary pictures with this amazingly talented, sweet girl!!!
+ Speaking of... Plan out some things to do while away in the hill country for our anniversary!  Oh ma gosh I cannot believe we have been married almost 1 year!!!  When did that happen!?!?

What are your goals for April?


Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend + Blogger Meet-up!!

Nothing too crazy happened around here this weekend.  A lot of house work, hitting up some yard sales that were all fails by the time we got there, and more house work!

I did see this Saturday morning though while waiting in the drive-thru line... Like any good blogger I ran over to grab a picture.  Matt & I both thought it was pretty funny... what's really funny is there's even one in the back seat!!  #driving dogs

Sunday I was off to a bridal shower for one of my best friends & then to dinner with this gal!!  & Precious baby Hunter!!  Nicole was one of my very first blogging friends & it worked out perfectly with her being in town this weekend that we were finally able to meet!!  We talked, & talked for over 2 hours... it's like we've always known each other & been friends!!  I mean, we have been friends for a while but, you know what I mean!?  We were even asked twice if we were sisters!!  Our waitress thought we were ca-ca-crazy when we told her this was our first time meeting in person!  HA!  The look on her face!!

& Precious baby boy Hunter!!  He was so good listening to all of our girl talk!

What a fun ending to a weekend full of work!!

Now it's Monday & time for more work... womp, womp!

Happy Monday!!

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