Monday, April 21, 2014

Adult Easter Basket

Who says Easter baskets are only for kids!?  I'm 27 & still receive an Easter basket every year from my Aunt... I' don't ever want to grow up!!  So, this year I decided to return the favor in a fun little way!  Insert the Adult Easter Basket!

Here's what I've included in mine:
Plastic martini glass
Reusable plastic ice cubes
Spring/Summer sandals
Spring Chicken

Now all we need is vodka!  The perfect combination for a fun Spring or Summer day!

*All items were found at Target & Hobby Lobby.  I was not compensated for any use or review of any products.

I hope you all have a Happy Easter!



  1. What a cute easter basket idea! Gotta love HOB LOB!

  2. In Patrick's I put the Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine, body wash, body spray, and all of his favorite candies. Pretty easy to pick stuff out for a guy! haha!


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