Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Goals!

I say it often & I'm sure I'm not the only one but, where in the heck did the last month go!?!?  It's insane how quickly time flies whether you're "busy" or not.  I'm thankful for everything we have going and are able to do though so, I wouldn't have it any other way.  *Also, I've had this post drafted, mostly ready, since the 2nd... just FYI.  Let's take a look back...

Take a photography class I signed up for the online at A Beautiful Mess!
+ Take my best friends bridals Didn't happen for legit reason... she's preggers!!!
+ Refinish dining room chairs Can't they just re-do themselves!?  I'm terrified of redoing chairs because of how many nooks & crannies there are.  Basically, I'm afraid they're going to look terrible when I'm done! :(
+ Start my daily gratitude, again Fail
+ Finish Wife After God Not finished yet
+ Read 1 new book
+ Just get to the gym I didn't get to the gym but, I did work out so, I'm counting it!  I also joined the 1800 Minute Challenge this week!  Check it out!!
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish taxes Done & we already have it back in the bank!  Cha-Ching!!
+ Finish decorating office
+ Order April birthday gifts  It's getting done THIS week!
+ Finish remodeling the master, 2nd guest room & hallway  Yeah... we've been slacking a bit but, we'll be done in the next couple of weeks... realistically!
+ Clean up my sad looking yard  Free yard therapy is so good for the soul!
+ Set office hours for Matt & I  Yeah, what's that!?  As soon as this remodel stuff is done!


+ Finish staining the dining room bench & clean up chairs
+ Read a book & finish it
+ Gym/Workout 3-4 times per week
+ Decorate Office
+ Complete back-o-the-house renovation
+ Stay on budget
+ Keep up with our meal planning for the entire month - We did great last week!
+ See the Texas Bluebonnets in South/Central Texas
+ Plant flowers in our flower beds
+ Dinner date with Matt in the back yard... at least once!
+ Enjoy the calm before the storm that is the months of May & June for us.  Haha!
+ Play tennis with Matt - We love to play we just never make the time.  This month we are!
+ Have all of my outfits picked out waaay ahead of time for our anniversary pictures with this amazingly talented, sweet girl!!!
+ Speaking of... Plan out some things to do while away in the hill country for our anniversary!  Oh ma gosh I cannot believe we have been married almost 1 year!!!  When did that happen!?!?

What are your goals for April?



  1. I soo want to take some bluebonnet pics this year! It's so pretty =)

  2. I signed up for the #1800minutechallenge as well!! Love the photos that Shay takes -I am sure yours will be amazing! I am curious as to how you do your budgeting. I am always trying to find ways to better myself with spending!

  3. Hey Love! I'm all about some gardening/ yard therapy - It really DOES work! The photography class sounds awesome!! I've been wanting to take a class here and there too. Lord knows I could use a few tips and tricks ;p I hope you've been doing wonderful! I love browsing through your blog :) BTW, the home re-modeling looks fantastic!! oxox, Amanda

  4. Love setting goals each month! I'm going to join you for May :)

  5. love making goals and lists! looks like you are going to stay busy :)




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