Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The DiY-ers Painting Essentials

As most of you know, last year when we bought our house we bought it with the intentions of completely remodeling it.  We're nearing the tail end of remodels now so it feels like we can breath a little... but, just a little.  There's a never ending list with homes!  By the time we're done with the remodel we will have painted every wall, ceiling, door, door trim, baseboard & cabinets in our house + the mailbox!  So, with a few painting projects under our belt we decided to put together our list of the DIY-ers Painting Essential!  

1. Black drop cloth - Don't even begin thinking you're a steady hand & won't drip a drop on your pretty carpet... pretty carpet or not you will drop paint at some point.  Do yourself a favor & prepare your space first.

2. Blue Painters Tape - There's all kinds of different sizes & brands in this stuff.  You'll need to find the size & kind that works best for your project.  Whatever you end up using just know that you need this stuff to hold down paper, tape off windows, etc.

3. Painting Combo Pack - This is the best bang for you buck, hands down.  Including everything from the painting tray, brushes, rollers & the paint can opener... If you don't know where to start, start here & then figure out what else you might need.

4. Plastic Paint Tray Liner - A life saver... & super cheap too!  These go right in the metal paint tray and can be thrown away once you're done with your project leaving little to no mess on the actual tray itself thus, little to no clean-up of the tray.  Clean & simple... my kind of project!

5. Metal Paint Tray - If you need more than 1 metal paint tray, which you might if you're painting multiple places or colors at one time.  You really don't need a ton of these around but, an extra one never hurt.

6. Small Foam Roller Set - These come in super handy when painting doors & mostly flat baseboards.  Much like the painting combo pack, these come with the roller & painting tray.  Perfect to carry in hand whether you're using it for the roller or touching up spots with a paint brush.  I have a technique for painting the doors with these that I'll be sharing soon!

7. Multi-pack Paint Rollers - Yes, you can wash these & reuse them but, there will come a time where they get too "used" or you're needing completely different paint colors & you'll need a new roller.  These are always good to have a few extra on hand.

8. 4-Piece Paint Brush Set - Same with the painting combo pack... the best bang for your buck.  These are perfect for doing multiple projects that need different size brushes.  It's also a great way to figure out if you need more of a particular size or not.

I hope this can be a good reference for any fellow DiY-ers or those who are thinking of embarking on a new project!  Don't be scared... jump in!  If you mess something up, chances are it can be fixed!  Just remember that every project is different so, there may be something else out there that works better for you.  Feel free to ask me any questions about painting or anything else DiY!

Happy Painting!!


*We were not compensated by Home Depot to use or review any of the above listed products.  They happen to have everything we need & have great customer service as well.  Basically, it's our store of choice.  : )


  1. When I paint I line the paint trays with foil and it makes cleanup super easy and quick!

  2. Love it!!!! So much! Cheers to paint! xx

  3. This is so necessary! My roommate and I painted a wall in our old place and I was like "Oh...we need more than a brush and paint?" She almost fell over

  4. Thanks for sharing this wonderful review. I am using HVLP paint sprayer or an Airless paint sprayer right now. Really it's working great.

  5. I like your list. It further suggested to me many alternatives.


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