Monday, April 7, 2014

Weekend + Blogger Meet-up!!

Nothing too crazy happened around here this weekend.  A lot of house work, hitting up some yard sales that were all fails by the time we got there, and more house work!

I did see this Saturday morning though while waiting in the drive-thru line... Like any good blogger I ran over to grab a picture.  Matt & I both thought it was pretty funny... what's really funny is there's even one in the back seat!!  #driving dogs

Sunday I was off to a bridal shower for one of my best friends & then to dinner with this gal!!  & Precious baby Hunter!!  Nicole was one of my very first blogging friends & it worked out perfectly with her being in town this weekend that we were finally able to meet!!  We talked, & talked for over 2 hours... it's like we've always known each other & been friends!!  I mean, we have been friends for a while but, you know what I mean!?  We were even asked twice if we were sisters!!  Our waitress thought we were ca-ca-crazy when we told her this was our first time meeting in person!  HA!  The look on her face!!

& Precious baby boy Hunter!!  He was so good listening to all of our girl talk!

What a fun ending to a weekend full of work!!

Now it's Monday & time for more work... womp, womp!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. I totally see the resemblance between you and your "sister!" haha! P.S. that dog picture is hilarious!

  2. The picture of the dog cracks me up!

  3. Hunter and I had SO much fun! I seriously felt like we could have talked all night!


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