Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Rundown!

Oh weekend... Please come back??  Can we have a do-over but, exactly how this one went??  I wouldn't change a thing!  Friday night Matt & I went to dinner down town & then walked around the Ft. Worth Main St. Arts Festival.  We always love going to the arts festival - we're not really "artsy people" per say but, I do enjoy seeing all of the different things people come up with and create.  Truly amazing & so many very talented people out there!!  Below are all different creations out of pressed bottle caps - pretty impressive!

Saturday morning it was up early for a waxing appointment, for me not Matt! HA!  Despite the awkwardness that is always involved with those appointments, all of the ladies at the boutique were super nice & it was a good experience.  I mean, when they hand you a mimosa upon walking in, you know they're good people!  If you're in Ft Worth & looking for a professional waxing establishment, go to Vanity Room Boutique!  I really can't say anything bad about them!

After my appointment we were ready to feed our tummies.  I have passed Montgomery St. Cafe several, several times & we've never stopped in or made it a point to go.  So, Saturday morning happen to be the perfect opportunity!  The parking lot is always packed so, you know that's a good sign!  We walked in & just our luck there was one booth open!  Matt devoured an omlette & I went with a classic, southern breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, grits & toast - it was really good!  It's a tee tiny restaurant with probably 12 tables or so.  Checkered floors, wooden booths & waitresses that greeted us with a "Good mornin' y'all! How are y'all doing today!?"  A quintessential southern cafe!

Do you see the old fridge in the back??  It still works!!

Saturday night it was off to Dallas to celebrate a friends birthday!  There's never a dull moment with this group & Saturday night was no exception.  We all had so much fun celebrating at Pete's Piano Bar!

Sunday we lounged, watched movies & let the ground soak up all the rain we received throughout the day.  It was really a nice day & and the perfect way to end an awesome weekend!!

Cheers to Monday!!

How was your weekend??



  1. looks like a fun weekend! piano bars are my favorite!

  2. Seriously, I trust anyone that gives me a mimosa 15 times more!

  3. I see yal had a fun weekend girl. I have never been to an art festival but by the looks of things I need to give it a try. That café looks so cozy and cute. I will take a Mimosa please lol


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