Thursday, May 29, 2014

1 Year Anniversary Weekend!

Hey!  Hey guys!  What's up!?  Yeah... So, I've been on a bit of a hiatus from the blog.  You miss me?  Don't answer that! ;)  For good reason though... life.  Life has just been really, really busy lately!  Things are sort of starting to slow down so, I can make a little time to squeeze in some blog post!  Yay for that!  I'll be doing a few retro post to catch y'all up on what's been going on... & so it can be properly documented of course.  :)


Sunday, May 4th was our one year wedding anniversary so, we planned a little trip down to the TX hill country to celebrate & relax a little bit.  After a rough start to our morning Thursday morning - let's just say things were not going as planned - we had lunch at Gruene River Grill.  We sat on the patio, had drinks & lunch was to. die. for.  Seriously.  After lunch we wondered around Gruene & then it was off to South Austin to do anniversary pictures with Mrs. Shalyn Nelson herself!

Chicken crusted with tortilla chips over rice, corn & black beans topped with queso & pico.
Mouth = watering right meow!

Grilled chicken over potatoes topped with tortilla chips - super yum!!

Friday morning we packed up & drove to Frederickburg, TX to spend the day/night & visit Luckenbach.  We arrived at our bed (no breakfast but, we did have a voucher to this really good place, City Cafe, where our voucher covered breakfast so, it was free!)  It was just outside of town, past the last stop light & was so nice & quiet.  Except the roosters the next morning... not so quiet.  :)  Soon we were off on the motorcycle & stopped by a tasting room.  We chose Fiesta Winery & I'm so glad we did!  They were super helpful & knowledgeable of all things wine, as they should be, & taught us a lot about the Texas wine region.  Very interesting & pallet approved!  After the wine tasting we were off to Luckenback for live music, washer playing, meeting new friends & a few cold beers!  It was such a fun afternoon & I couldn't think of a better place!  (I could but, it's far, far away on a beach so this is next best!)

Try the Skinny Dippin!

Saturday after breakfast we started our trip home.  Over the years Matt & I have come to enjoy visiting state parks & we both really love historic sites.  I had seen signs & billboards for LBJ State Park in town so, we decided to stop & check it out.  In the state park area they have a living farm with cows, chickens, goats, sheep, etc.  They even have a working kitchen that cooks one meal per day for the park employees!  We walked in & the lady was making milk, butter, curds & way (yogurt!), & was cleaning up from making this delicious looking breakfast!

Next we traveled to Lindon B. Johnson's home, the Texas White House.  The ranch is beautiful & it's really neat to learn about what conservationist He & Lady Bird Johnson were (if you didn't already know).  The picture below is a replica of the podium where President Johnson stood many time (in his airplane hanger) addressing the nation, basically from his back yard.  To the top left of Matt is where the old A/C unit was originally.  I can't forget that when we first got to the state park we went to the visitors center... there was a group of about 4-5 couples walking in ahead of us, all about in their 60's.  The men opened the door for all the women & as soon as they stepped in they all squeled like little school girls saying, "Ooh my goodness! Girls LOOK!"  "It's him!!"  I'm thinking who!?  It was a cardboard cutout of Lyndon B. Johnson!!!  HAHAHA!  It was so funny & I loved watching & hearing them drool over him!

After a long weekend of traveling it was good to be home.  We so enjoyed our time away, just the two of us, exploring & relaxing.  Just one question... How does 365 days fly by so stinking fast!?  So thankful & blessed I get to do life with this man forever & ever!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May Goals

Hmm... well, April was sort of a flop on the goal side of things & it's now half way through May & I'm just now posting this months goals.  This isn't to say we haven't been busy... just been a lot of little stuff & May & June are our busy months of the Summer.  So, good bye April & hello May! 


+ Finish staining the dining room bench & clean up chairs
+ Read a book & finish it
+ Gym/Workout 3-4 times per week
+ Decorate Office
+ Complete back-o-the-house renovation You can't finish things when you start new thing right in the middle of your current thing... Turns out it just doesn't work that way.  Grr!
+ Stay on budget
+ Keep up with our meal planning for the entire month - We did great last week!
+ See the Texas Bluebonnets in South/Central Texas
+ Plant flowers in our flower beds
+ Dinner date with Matt in the back yard... at least once!
+ Enjoy the calm before the storm that is the months of May & June for us.  Haha!
+ Play tennis with Matt - Who was I kidding!?  We have no time for this! :(
+ Have all of my outfits picked out waaay ahead of time for our anniversary pictures with this amazingly talented, sweet girl!!!  Eeek!!  I can't wait to get them back!!  & We had so much fun with Shalyn!!
+ Speaking of... Plan out some things to do while away in the hill country for our anniversary! Recap coming soon!


+ Anniversary Pictures
+ Help throw a super fun bach party!
+ Finish our master room remodel
+ Finish back splash in the kitchen
+ Stay on budget
+ Help throw a super fun bridal shower
+ Attend our friends cpls shower
+ Celebrate our favorite 7(!?!?) year old
+ Have FUN Memorial Day weekend
+ Get all pictures I've taken back to people they belong to!
+ Start (& hopefully finish) the hallway renovation - BTW, we're over this whole remodel thing! Fo Realzzz!!
+ Make meals & eat healthy again... I can feel all of the terrible food I've been putting in my body & I feel terrible.  I want to feel (& look) good again!
+ Get to the gym 3-4 times a week... I can do this!!
+ Have a special date night with Matt
+ Take a boat ride
+ Take a motorcycle ride
+ Start list of places in the house that needs organization - everywhere needs organization but, list will help me get started & not feel so overwhelmed... & help me stay organized!

Hope everyone is having a great month so far!

What are some goals you're working on or have already crossed off your list??



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