Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Long Weekend - Texas Hill Country

Last week Matt & I went down to the Texas hill country for an extra long weekend with my aunt, uncle & cousins.  It's our yearly trip with my family & it couldn't of come at a better time this year.  Our schedules, personal & work, have been so busy the last month or so that it was really nice to just get away & relax.  We actually didn't take any pictures the whole time until the last day... we were literally packed up & ready to leave when we quickly snapped these.  We were just having too much fun spending time with family, floating in the Blanco River, eating, drinking & more eating!  I can't wait to escape back to our little retreat again next year!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bachelorette Party Survival Kits

In early May we celebrated one of my best friends Hannah's bachelorette party in Ft. Worth!  {& this weekend is her wedding that Matt & I are both in!!!}  We made a full day of it starting with lunch & drinks, then off to the hotel to really get the party started.  We had fruit & veggie trays along with mimosas & showered the bride with lots of fun gifts!  Then, we were off to dinner & out on the town!

I can only take credit for the fruit tray & dip... the rest of the awesome creations were all made by the other 2 talented hostess' Sarah & Andrea!

I figured we might have a little too much fun Saturday night & let's admit, we're getting a little older and a fun night out isn't as easy to shake off as it once was.  #realtalk  So, I wanted to put something together for all of the girls to have in case needed the next morning.  I had seen variations of survival kits on Pinterest & wanted to come up with something similar.

Sleep mask made by co-host Andrea!  Yes, I said made!  She's a talented lady!

What you'll need...

+ A refreshing drink
+Snack - crackers or granola bars
+Travel size meds
+Gum or breath mints
+Shout wipes

I found the gift boxes at Hobby Lobby & bought the rest at Target.  Shout wipes were found in the dollar section with multiple ones to a pack & the mints came in one large bag so, I split them up in to an even number in each box.  I made the labels from Word & grabbed a fun {free} font from Kevin & Amanda.  I attached each label with fun colored washi tape.

They all turned out so great & came in quite handy that night & the next morning!


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black Bean & Quinoa Enchilada Bake

I've had quite the {positive} response since I shared this picture on Instagram the other night of a new recipe I found on Pinterest!  Don't you just love a good Pinterest success!?  Whether it's a craft, design or new recipe it's a good feeling when something turns out just the way it's supposed to!

I have to give credit where credit is due though... because let's be real, I didn't come up with this all on my own but, I do have some tweaks I will make to it next time that I feel will make it even better!

Click here for the original recipe... and better, non iPhone pictures.  ;)


+ The given recipe makes a 9x13 dish.  If your cooking for 1 or 2, cut the recipe in half or you might be freezing the rest - which it says it does freeze well so, bonus!

+ I'm all for a good meatless recipe however, I plan to add ground turkey to the mix next time & half the quinoa.  (I realize this changes the whole ... & quinoa... thing but, I'm just going to test it out).

+ I used 1 can of corn instead of frozen corn & it seemed to work great!

+ When making the full recipe, have 2 large skillets - 1 for quinoa mix & 1 for the veggie mix.  I didn't & there was a hot, colorful mess all over the stove.  :)

+ Step 4 suggest you put the two mixtures in a large bowl... If one of your pans is large enough for the 2 mixtures to fit in & be stirred together, by all means use one you already have dirty.

I hope these tips & suggestions help you & you enjoy this delicious meal!  Please let me know if you try it & what you think of it!


Monday, June 2, 2014

1 Year Anniversary Pictures

As I mentioned last week, during our anniversary trip to the hill country Matt & I met up with the beautiful Shalyn Nelson for anniversary pictures.  To say that I am in awe of her work & the wonderful gift she gave us & memories to last a life time is an understatement.  It's hard to pick favorites out of all the pictures but, today I'm sharing some of my most favorite.  If you're in the Austin area call Shalyn... she's definitely your girl!

To my husband,  I've known for years that I wanted it to be you who I'm waking up with in 50 years.  This first year of marriage has only solitified those feelings & I continue to love you more & more every day.  I have such admiration & respect for the kind hearted, loving, hard working man that you are.  I am eternally grateful to have you by my side.  I can't wait to see what year 2 brings + another 50 more!  Love you to the moon & back!  

Pictures - Shalyn Nelson @ Love, The Nelsons
Coral Dress - Kohl's
Blue Earrings - Kohl's {Similar}
Lace Pants - Local Boutique
Head Band - Francesca's
Turquoise Earrings - Local Boutique
Plaid Shirt - Kohl's {Similar}
Turquoise Shirt - Kohl's {Similar}



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