Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bachelorette Party Survival Kits

In early May we celebrated one of my best friends Hannah's bachelorette party in Ft. Worth!  {& this weekend is her wedding that Matt & I are both in!!!}  We made a full day of it starting with lunch & drinks, then off to the hotel to really get the party started.  We had fruit & veggie trays along with mimosas & showered the bride with lots of fun gifts!  Then, we were off to dinner & out on the town!

I can only take credit for the fruit tray & dip... the rest of the awesome creations were all made by the other 2 talented hostess' Sarah & Andrea!

I figured we might have a little too much fun Saturday night & let's admit, we're getting a little older and a fun night out isn't as easy to shake off as it once was.  #realtalk  So, I wanted to put something together for all of the girls to have in case needed the next morning.  I had seen variations of survival kits on Pinterest & wanted to come up with something similar.

Sleep mask made by co-host Andrea!  Yes, I said made!  She's a talented lady!

What you'll need...

+ A refreshing drink
+Snack - crackers or granola bars
+Travel size meds
+Gum or breath mints
+Shout wipes

I found the gift boxes at Hobby Lobby & bought the rest at Target.  Shout wipes were found in the dollar section with multiple ones to a pack & the mints came in one large bag so, I split them up in to an even number in each box.  I made the labels from Word & grabbed a fun {free} font from Kevin & Amanda.  I attached each label with fun colored washi tape.

They all turned out so great & came in quite handy that night & the next morning!



  1. That's such a cute idea and probably needed lol

  2. HI Shayna!
    Just came across your lovely blog! I love the bachelorette survival kits, such a cute idea! Consider me your newest follower!

    Have a great weekend
    Rosy @ A Joyful Kind of Life

  3. I LOVE all of that bachelorette stuff! SO cute! The survival kits are genius

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  5. Wow!! Really liked your bachelorette party survival kit. Want to have something great for my sister bachelorette party that I will arrange at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. Have already taken some amazing tips on arranging the day. Hope will be able to arrange a memorable one.


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