Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Black Bean & Quinoa Enchilada Bake

I've had quite the {positive} response since I shared this picture on Instagram the other night of a new recipe I found on Pinterest!  Don't you just love a good Pinterest success!?  Whether it's a craft, design or new recipe it's a good feeling when something turns out just the way it's supposed to!

I have to give credit where credit is due though... because let's be real, I didn't come up with this all on my own but, I do have some tweaks I will make to it next time that I feel will make it even better!

Click here for the original recipe... and better, non iPhone pictures.  ;)


+ The given recipe makes a 9x13 dish.  If your cooking for 1 or 2, cut the recipe in half or you might be freezing the rest - which it says it does freeze well so, bonus!

+ I'm all for a good meatless recipe however, I plan to add ground turkey to the mix next time & half the quinoa.  (I realize this changes the whole ... & quinoa... thing but, I'm just going to test it out).

+ I used 1 can of corn instead of frozen corn & it seemed to work great!

+ When making the full recipe, have 2 large skillets - 1 for quinoa mix & 1 for the veggie mix.  I didn't & there was a hot, colorful mess all over the stove.  :)

+ Step 4 suggest you put the two mixtures in a large bowl... If one of your pans is large enough for the 2 mixtures to fit in & be stirred together, by all means use one you already have dirty.

I hope these tips & suggestions help you & you enjoy this delicious meal!  Please let me know if you try it & what you think of it!



  1. YUM! YES! I think I might've pinned this on Pinterest. SO YUMMY!!!! So glad you tried it!!!!!

  2. YUM! I'll have to make this variation soon- I love a good quinoa dish :)


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