Monday, July 7, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

I would say that we lived the American dream this weekend.  Cold drinks, productivity around the home front, enjoyed fireworks, spent time with family, went to the drive-in theater {saw Tammy - it was pretty funny}, more productivity at home, Sunday morning church, errands & a little R & R!  I couldn't of asked for a better 4th of July weekend... Does it really have to be Monday already?

We met my Dad in my hometown for dinner & then off to the city fireworks show!

Do you know how hard it is to take a picture at the drive-in when it's already dark & the flash goes off!?  Matt said, "When it flashes the first time open your eyes really wide!"  Umm, yeah ok!  We see how that turned out.  ;)

I hope all of you had a great, All-American filled weekend!



  1. This dark flash picture cracks me up because I can never get it either we either look like we are on drugs or just plain crazy lol
    love the idea of a drive in theater so cool

  2. We saw "Tammy" this weekend too! Pretty funny! I like the part where her dad says, "Do you want me to kill that wiggly mother f***** for you?" hahaha!

  3. Aww you guys are too cute! Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. Love the drive in. We went a few weeks ago for the first time in years!!

  5. LOL loves the pics! It looks like you had a great weekend. I'm jealous you have a drive in theater to go to.

  6. I'm so jealous that your drive in already has Tammy!! We have Transformers and some kids movie playing this week, booooo! You look gorgeous in that top pic :) xoxo


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