Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goals!

WOW!  I seriously cannot believe that July is here already.  I feel like a broken record but, this year has seriously flown by!  I guess that's what happens when you're having fun!  The end all of May & beginning of June were super busy for us so, for the first time I never got around to posting my June goals.  I thought about it though & figured they'd really be about the same as my May goals so, I felt ok skipping June.  Alas, July is here & I need to get back to work!  Let's review May first....

May Goals

+ Anniversary Pictures
+ Help throw a fun Bachelorette Party
+ Finish our Master bedroom remodel
+ Finish back splash in kitchen
+ Stay on budget
+ Help throw a fun bridal shower
+ Attend a cpls shower
+ Celebrate our favorite 7 yr old!
+ Have fun Memorial Day Weekend Except I don't remember what we did!?
+ Get all pictures I've taken back to people they belong to
+ Start/Finish hallways renovation - Hasn't begun for reasons beyond our control
+ Make/eat healthy meals
+ Workout 3-4 times a week - We actually canceled our membership because we were wasting so much money!  So sad!
+ Have a special date night with Matt
+ Take a boat ride
+ Take a motorcycle ride - It's so hot, I don't see this happening!
+ Start an organization list of different areas on the house
*We did actually get a ton of other stuff done like have a big yard sale, put more insulation in the attic, organized the garage (you can actually see the floor now!).  So those things that didn't get done were definitely made up for in other ways!

What We Love About July | GirlsGuideTo

July Goals

+ Finish staining dining room table bench
+ Buy seat cushions for dining room chairs
+ Share the finished product of the dining room table
+ Finish decorating dining room (Only a couple more things!)
+ Finish decorating master bedroom
+ Decorate guest bedroom
+ Paint & hang all the doors (8 altogether I think!?)
+ Finish out around the kitchen window
+ Share the finished kitchen, dining room & living room
+ Finish decorating the office
+ Organize under the kitchen sink
+ Finish & mail all pictures to people
+ Date night out with Matt
+ Stay on budget
+ Pay off a student loan (crossing my fingers for this one - we paid off one in June too!)
+ Blog... I've been wanting to come back to the space full time for a while & I'm really hoping I can make that happen this month.  I miss it here!

What are your goals for July?



  1. Paying off a debit it such a great feeling!

  2. Woo hoooo- go after that student loan girl! :) We'll be paying off our 2nd to last loan this month and I cannot wait :) Also hoping for a little more decluttering and selling stuff at a yardsale!


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