Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Let's Get Organized: Under the Kitchen Sink

When we moved in our house last year organization wasn't at the top of my priority list.  It was more "just put it where I can find it" mode.  With majority of the house remodel being complete I can now begin to focus on not only decorating our "new" home but, also making it functional & organized.

One of the first places I tackled was the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  I know this may seem like an odd place to start however, by organizing under the sink freed up space in drawers in the kitchen which led me to be able to shift things around & overall have better functionality.  Admittedly, it's taken some getting used to but, I'm so happy with all of the changes.  My original inspiration came from Jennifer @ iHeart Organizing {this post, specifically!}

When the new countertops were being installed we packed up everything under the sink... & then it sat on the breakfast table for weeks after.  I had already made a trip to The Container Store to pick up a few items that would assist in making this space that much better.  I picked up this cleaning caddy, two small stackable shoe drawers & this pop top container.
First things first, there were things in this box that were either super old or were just simply never used so, they were tossed out!  I then played around with the empty containers under the cabinet to figure how things would fit around the pipes & well, the kitchen sink.

This basket was already attached to the inside of the cabinet door.  Before it just had random stuff shoved in that I couldn't "find a place for" in the cabinet.  It works perfectly for holding the dish soap & extra hand soaps.

I placed the cleaning caddy at the front for easy access to pick up & off to clean!  Extra cleaners & bug sprays have been placed neatly at the back of the cabinet.

I placed old towels in the bottom drawer & dish rags in the top drawers.  I typically don't use rags as I have a dish scrubber or the dish washer.  With the new counter tops though came new uses for things - must clean them with rags, no cleaners!

You may have noticed there were multiple boxes of trash bags before.  The extras have been stacked at the back with the ones most used on top of the towel drawers along with the pop top container holding the dishwasher tablets.

The finished, organized under kitchen sink cabinet!  It has truly come in so handy & it's nice to open the doors and not have things falling out or shoving things back in while trying to shut the doors.  Ahh... organization!

What organization projects have helped you with use & overall functionality?

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  1. Wow, you are really organized! I'm impressed.

  2. I love this and I so need to do this. I always dread this place because I didn't know what to do with it. where did you get the clear drawers I love them. Thanks for sharing

  3. I never thought about using the little drawers for the towels! That would be so much better than always getting stuck in the drawers.

  4. Looking good, Shayna! I know exactly how you felt when you first moved in. Lol. I am living the whole "just put it wherever" right now with our move. I love the idea for putting the dish towels under the sink - such a great space saver! Thanks for the tips! oxox, Amanda

  5. I love this! Doesn't it feel good to get orgsnized? Even if it is one space at a time.

  6. That is seriously brilliant! It looks so declutered!


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