Friday, July 18, 2014

White Chocolate & Pearl Pretzel Sticks

Every Christmas season one of my favorite (and family & friends too) treats to make are white chocolate covered pretzels.  When thinking of "thank you" gifts for the bridal shower my girlfreinds & I hosted a little bit ago, we all decided white chocolate covered pretzel sticks would be the perfect salty-sweet treat!  Topped with pink pearls for some added sass and paired with pink & white M&M's to complete the package!

What you'll need:
Large pretzel sticks
1 brick of white chocolate almond bark
Wax paper

One - I started off by melting my almond bark in a glass bowl in the microwave in increments of 30 - 45 seconds.  Lay out wax paper onto the counter top or over cookie sheets.

Two - Once the chocolate is melted, begin dipping the pretzel sticks one by one, covering about 1/2 - 3/4 of the pretzel.  Lay out evenly on the wax paper to let dry.  I would dip about 10 - 15 sticks & then sprinkle the pearls over them.  Some will of course not stick & that's ok but, most will.

Three - Let the pretzels dry completely (time will differ depending on the temperature of your kitchen).  Once they are dried begin bagging the pretzel sticks, adding additional treats you wish & tie with a cute little bow.  Or the silver ties that came with the bags...

I printed this note in Word using one of Kevin & Amanda's free fonts!

These pretzel sticks are fun because of course you could make them for any holiday or special occasion!  Get creative & dye some of the almond bark different colors too!

Have you ever made pretzel sticks before?



  1. What great gifts, they look fabulous and yummy!

  2. Great idea, Shayna!! Not only do these look pretty, these look delicious too! oxox, Amanda


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