Monday, August 25, 2014

A Fresh Face!

No, this isn't a post about a great face wash or cleanse... A new face & look for The Fancy Yancey!  I am so excited about this new, fresh, simple & inviting layout!  All put together by the super talented Shannon @ Shannon Page Design!  I have worked with Shannon before... back when this blog had another long little name!  She was a pleasure to work with, taking all of my different ideas & bringing them all to life as well as suggesting edits & so forth that would enhance my blog & layout.  Contact Shannon if you're in the market for a new blog look!

So, let me show you around my new space!

For starters, the blog header & pages.

I've updated my "About" section along with my "Contact" page.  The "House Tour" page is new & will be updated as I give y'all a virtual tour of our house, room by room.  The "DIY" & "Recipes" pages are the same but, they are both a quick reference for all of the DIY projects & recipes that I've shared here over the years.  Some are quite old so, don't laugh too hard when you see some of the pictures!  {Updates will be made to old post in the coming months!}

As mentioned the other day, I started a FaceBook page for my blog!  It's been fun & a good way to share the blog on a new platform!  Click along for other social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin & e-mail!  Speaking of Pinterest, hover over a picture & you will find a "Pin This" button on each picture!

You may have also noticed 3 new categories or life stages/events if you will.  "House 2 Home" follows along with all of our house renovations from start to finish.  The "Mr. & Mrs." section shares all of our wedding recaps - love those memories & don't ever want them to get "lost" in the depths of the blog.  And of course, the most recent life event - Baby Yancey!  You can find all things related to baby & pregnancy under, well... "Pregnancy".

And last but, not least... Looking for a specific post or posts pertaining to one topic?  Take a look through the blog archive & labels.  {If you can't find something, feel free to ask me!}

I must say, thank you to everyone for all of your continued support of myself & this blog over the years!  It really is so fun getting to "meet" new people & make new friendships!  The blogging world is such an amazing place & I'm thankful to be a part of it.


Thank you so much for stopping by - I love reading everyone's comments & thoughts & meeting new friends!! If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns, e-mail me directly at Thanks again for stopping by!


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