Monday, August 4, 2014

August Goals

Whoa!  Time & life really is flying by these days & I know it will only go faster once Baby Yancey arrives!  There's been a lot going on lately - a lot of little parts moving, changing, etc.  Mostly the "behind the scenes" type stuff that you can't really see but, they make an impact - you know what I mean?  I'm excited that August is upon us because this week officially starts the wedding festivities for one of my very best friends!  Such an exciting time!!  One more reason to be excited about August... We're on the brink of Fall people!!  I don't know if it's the pregnant lady in me that can't drink & feels terrible in a swimmy or what but, I seriously can't wait for Fall to get here!  The candles, pumpkin flavored things (not spiced lattes!), cooler weather, football... oh it's going to be a great Fall!!  Let's check out how I did in July...

July Goals

+ Finish staining dining room table bench
+ Buy seat cushions for dining room chairs I did buy some but, they didn't work, back to square 1
+ Share the finished product of the dining room table
+ Finish decorating dining room
+ Decorate Guest bedroom I'm halfway done with this room, you can't rush beauty/art
+ Paint & hang all the doors Painting was done but, some have to wait to be hung
+ Finish out around the kitchen window
+ Share the finished kitchen, dining & living rooms
+ Finish decorating the office I don't even want to organize this space, let alone decorate.  Hopefully the motivation & inspiration will come this next month
+ Organize under the kitchen sink  Done!  Check it out here!
+ Finish & Mail all pictures to people Must. Get. To. Post. Office.
+ Date night with Matt  It didn't happen but, I'm brewing up something special for us soon!
+ Stay on budget
+ Pay off a student loan  Priorities had to shift a bit this month so, the student loan is on hold but, other things have had big chunks taken out of them so, I still count that as a success!
+ Blog!  Compared to May & June I would say July was a success in the blogging department!

August Goals

+ Find those darn seat cushions for the dining room chairs!
+ Share the finished kitchen, dining, living rooms
+ Finish the hallway renovation (Matt started it this weekend!)
+ Tackle the front/side yard & back flower beds
+ Decorate the office
+ Hang the remaining interior doors (This will happen once the hallway is done!)
+ Finish decorating the guest room
+ Put pictures in the mail to people
+ Plan a little somethin' somethin' for Matt & I
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish organizing the nursery - progress was made this weekend!
+ Put items on Craigslist or donate
+ Workout 2-3 times a week

What are your goals for August?

Are you ready for Fall to be here or savoring every last bit of Summer?



  1. I know you're going to rock out your goals, lady!

  2. Love goal posts! they motivate me to work on my own list, too! :) We're definitely hoping to plan a fun date that's different from our 'norm' and I'm hoping to cut pop out of my life for good!

  3. Good luck with your August goals!! I did prenatal yoga all during pregnancy and it was amazing- I highly suggest for your workout goal!


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