Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Decoration Inspiration

Hi friends! I can't believe that Fall is officially upon us but, I couldn't be more excited about it!  Good food, delicious Fall scents, cooler days, & comfier clothes... What more could we need!?  I've been wanting to get my Fall decorations out since Labor Day Weekend & it has yet to happen. However, this evening that changes! I'm excited to bust out the orange, brown & cream colors & spread them around our house. This will be the 2nd Fall in our house & things have changed/been added since last year so, I'm excited to get to decorating!  Here's some inspiration I've found via Pinterest {duh} that I'm hoping to recreate or build from in our home.

First up, the front door.  While I loved our wreath from last year, I'm definitely looking to step up my game & really scream "Hello Fall" starting at the front stoop!  Love this wreath & how jute was used to secure the letter because, if your front door is like mine & faces the sun the majority of the day, you've had hot-glued letters fall off - not cool. Ha!

I recently purchased two lanterns that are hung in our dining room. I'll be using this as inspiration to fill the lanterns with Fall leaves & other decor. 

With our dining table being completed, I'm looking forward to creating a fun Fall centerpiece. I have mason jars that I will fill with smaller candles & add in floral around. 

Praying the writing/drawing gods are on my side... I'm hoping to recreate something similar on or big chalk board in the breakfast nook/kitchen area. 

And lastly, my DIY Fall Leaves Garland that I made last year. I don't know if this will go back to it's old home or find a new one yet... Or I may just make another one. Either way, I love the way this garland turned out & can't wait to use it again this year!  {You can find the tutorial here}

What is your Fall decoration inspiration?

Have you started decorating yet?


  1. so cute mama! I wanted to paint our future front door blue, but now I am second guessing and thinking black is the way to go. Is there truly anything more classic than a black front door? I think not. Love that wreath!

  2. Love these pins! Can I jump on the bandwagon and do the chalkboard sign, too?? While my chalkboard skills are up to snuff, I don't think I'm crafty enough to make that super cute wreath!

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