Friday, September 26, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends!!  I haven't been more thankful to see a Friday in a long time! Nothing in particular to make it bad but,  just TGIF... For real!

Let's celebrate...

1.  Who all watched Jersey Bell on Bravo?  I thought from the previews I would for sure not like it but, I couldn't if been more wrong!  Jaime & all of her friends... I just adore!! They each bring different things to the table but all click so well as girlfriends. It was certainly refreshing to see women truly enjoying each other's friendship & building each other up. Crossing my fingers for a season 2!!

2.  Speaking  of TV.... WHO WATCHED SCANDAL LAST NIGHT???  You know you're husband is a smart man when it's 8:20 & he automatically turns the DVR over to Scandal!! I loved last nights show & cannot wait for next Thursday!!!

3.  This weekend is my best friends baby shower for her little boy Blaine!  I could not be more excited for her & her shower day to finally be here!  There is just something so sweet about receiving things for a new baby, is there not!?  Also, the thought of our boys growing up together, being best friends, like us since the 1st grade... Oh, just makes my heart melt!!  Eek! 24 more hours!!

4.  Saw this pretty sunrise this morning driving into work...
Key word being "saw"... I'm usually blinded by the sun each morning so this was certainly a welcomed treat!

5.  Really, truly...#TGIF!!!
Where's the O'doul's!?

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

& Did you hear?? THE 5 on Friday link-up is coming back next week! Whoop! Whoop!!


  1. Oh my word, your #5 just cracked me up! Happy almost weekend!

  2. watching Jersey Belle I DVRd right now! So glad my friend Beth talked me into watching. Love and really hope they stick around for another season!


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