Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby Yancey - 23 Week Bumpdate

How far along:  23 Weeks

Baby Size:  Baby boy is the size of a Grapefruit

Weight Gain:
  According to my Dr. I'm up a total of 8 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.  (I've been guessing between appts.)  I'm totally fine with the 8 lbs however, 6 of those 8 lbs I packed on in the last 4 weeks.  HA!  I repeat, I'm totally fine with the 8 lbs but the 6 lbs in 4 weeks was the shocker after not gaining hardly any before then.  Like one of my girlfriends said, "Jack is a growing boy!" & I'm totally ok with that! 

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely wearing maternity bottoms but, can still squeeze into some of my bigger tops.

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  Nothing new this week.  I've adjusted my diet a bit & it seems to help what I think is slight swelling.

Sleep:  It's descent - my hips start hurting though after sleeping on one side for too long.

Food Cravings or Aversions:  Nothing in particular

Gender:  Sweet baby boy!

Movement:  Oh yeah!  & Loving every bit of it!

Symptoms:  Being emotional - gah pregnancy hormones can be a real you-know-what!

Labor Signs:  Nada

Belly button in or out:  In but, it is certainly getting more shallow

Wedding rings on or off:  Engagement ring on but, wedding band off.  Sadly, I can't wear both at the same time.

Mood:  Anxious... ready to meet our little man but, I know we still have a ways to go yet.

Nursery:  We've started talking closet design this week & I'm excited to get that rolling!

What I miss:  I could use a pumpkin/Fall beer.  I would take just one but, goodness it sounds SO good!

Best moment this week:  Scoring 3 things for Jack's nursery at a local antique mall this last weekend!

What I'm looking forward to:  This weekend... we're headed to the pumpkin patch, weather permitting & I'm excited to check it out & get lost in the corn maze.  #nevergrowingup


  1. Gotta tell look marvelous! And, everything you've posted about your pregnancy is right "on schedule"! Jack is one lucky little boywith parents like you and Matt! Love you!

  2. How cute are you prego girl seriously. These 23 weeks are flying by seems like. Cant wait to see what yal do with the nursery.


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