Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Goals!

Hmm... It seems I must have forgotten that September was starting!?  I guess easy to do when the month seemed to fly by, literally.  Did anyone else feel that September flew by??  It was an exciting month for us... Family visited & we celebrated my brother's birthday & our gender reveal party, co-hosted my best friend's baby shower, celebrated my Dad's birthday & a bunch of little stuff in between.  Yes, it was a busy month but, a great one too!

So, let's take a look back at August & see how I did...


+ Find those darn seat cushions for the dining room chairs!  I've kind of given up on this
+ Share the finished kitchen, dining, living rooms
+ Finish the hallway renovation (Matt started it this weekend!)
+ Tackle the front/side yard & back flower beds
+ Decorate the office
+ Hang the remaining interior doors (This will happen once the hallway is done!)
+ Finish decorating the guest room  I do have one more wall to figure out what to do with but, I'm leaving it open until I fall in love with an idea
+ Put pictures in the mail to people
+ Plan a little somethin' somethin' for Matt & I
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish organizing the nursery - progress was made this weekend!
+ Put items on Craigslist or donate
+ Workout 2-3 times a week


+ Finish the nursery closet
+ Visit a pumpkin patch
+ Stay on track with birthdays
+ Plan a quick get-away for Matt & I for next month
+ Start planning/shopping for Christmas gifts - yeah, I went there!  & I'm staying on track this year!
+ Start sharing our "house tour" here on the blog - I've been saying this for months y'all but, I'm serious about it this month, it's happening!!!
+ Create a cute Halloween costume
+ Make some yummy Fall recipes - I'm thinking cookies, pancakes, etc.
+ Make a 6 pack of all my favorite Fall/pumpkin beers & keep them for after the baby is here!  {It's my favorite time for seasonal beer so, I'll enjoy it when I can!}

What are your goals for October??

Do months ever fly by for you?

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