Sunday, November 30, 2014

Baby Yancey - 30 Week Bumpdate

I call this, "running around before a holiday road trip". Will update with a better picture later! 

How far along: 30 Weeks

Baby Size: Baby boy is the size of a cucumber!  2.5 lbs - 3.8 lbs!

Weight Gain: Not sure but, will know later today at my appt!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes, yes!

Stretch Marks/Swelling: I don't know if it's true swelling but I think my feet were a little puffy yesterday. Hopefully it's just because the heater was acting up at work making it feel like Summer temps! Ha!

Sleep: Eh, it's ok. I'm officially sleeping in the recliner full time. Praying I can sleep descently away from home this weekend. 

Food Cravings or Aversions: Nothing really... Sweets still sound good!

Gender: Boy! Definitely boy confirmed again last Saturday!

Movement: Still squirming about, a lot!  But I'm loving all of it!

Symptoms: Back & hip pain, jabs to my bladder & not being able to bend over anymore - lol! 

Labor Signs: No way Jose!

Belly button in or out: I would say in but, it's pretty flat. 

Wedding rings on or off: Off... & it makes me sad. 

Mood: Ready... Ready for these next several weeks to go by & meet our baby boy!

Nursery: Ahh!! Matt finished painting the dresser this last weekend & once we return from the holiday we'll be getting even more done!

What I miss: Nothing really... Maybe my own bed. Lol

Best moment this week: Seeing our baby boy on the ultrasound monitor. We didn't get the best pictures because he's head down (praise Jesus!) & face backwards... & his umbilical cord was drifting across his nose. Lol. So, it was hard to see him but, baby boy sure loves his feet & toes & keeps those at his fave too!  It was the sweetest thing ever to see our baby boy!

What I'm looking forward to: Getting away this weekend & taking a break from life. It will be such a good refresher to see our families & just enjoy time with them & our last holiday season with just Matt & I... & Bingham!

Other Notables:

+ I was recently contacted by Osh Kosh B'gosh & they wanted to send me a gift for Jack. I thought, "well, how sweet!" & seriously only expected maybe a onesie... Wrong!  Last Saturday Matt & I arrived home to our gift from Baby B'gosh & we were floored at all of the adorable items they gifted Jack with!!  I absolutely cannot wait to put him in these outfits & see some precious photo ops ahead!

I hope that y'all have a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!  No matter who or where you're spending it, I hope you're spending it with people you love & are thankful for!


  1. So don't laugh when I say this....but according to this Jack is the size of a cucumber but he weights 2.5-3.8 pounds?....that is a damn big cucumber hahaha! I don't think I have ever seen a cucumber that large! More like a spaghetti squash instead of cucumber? Haha. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Matt! XO

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