Friday, October 31, 2014

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday friends & Happy Halloween!!!


Linking up with the 5 on Friday ladies, April, Christina, Natasha & Darci!

One - Thanks to Ms. Christina herself & her super easy DIY, this pumpkin shirt is a super fun maternity option for a Halloween costume!  Thanks for all of the love from sharing it on my bumpdate & Insta as well!

Two - I'm excited to be celebrating Halloween tonight with friends which gives me the perfect reason to whip up the oh-so-delicious Pumpkin Dip!  If you haven't made it before, run to the grocery store on your lunch break & get the simple ingredients!
Recipe here!

Three - Confession... So, it's October 31st & I still don't have my Fall wreath up yet!  I actually had a really great idea of having it up by Wednesday or Thursday & sharing the finished product with y'all today... #bloggerfail.  Let's cross our fingers I'll get it done over the weekend & can share with y'all on Monday!!  (Please tell me I'm not the only one who's slacking this season??  Haha!)

Four - My 2015 planner came in earlier this week & I cannot be more excited to start jotting things down in it... Liiike, our baby shower date & umm... my DUE DATE!  I picked out the same planner that I've used this last year & it really is the perfect planner, for me.  Last year I purchased it at Target but, haven't been able to find it in the store recently so, I went to their website & purchased it straight from there!  I plan to share more about the planner in another post but, if you're in the market for one check out Orange Circle Studio!
9781622263790 (Copy)

Five - Miss Pink Lou Lou shared these boots recently on Insta from Red Dress Boutique & I cannot get enough of them!  They are officially on my birthday/Christmas wish list... hint hint... Husband, Dad, Brother....  :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Baby Yancey - 26 Week Bumpdate!

Happy {almost} Halloween y'all!!!

Pumpkin shirt tutorial here {super easy!}

How far along:  26 weeks!

Baby Size:  Baby boy is the size of a head of lettuce... holy moly, I can't believe that is inside of me!?

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes!  The more "regular" clothes I try on, the less that fit!  Thankfully Matt sees my struggle each morning & didn't bat an eye when I told him "I need more clothes...".  He's a good man, guess I'll keep him. ;)

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  Nothing new so far!

Sleep:  Descent... I've been sleeping with a pillow between my legs & that seems to help my back a lot.  I've started waking up at 3 or 4 am & feel wide awake - hoping that stops soon!

Exercise:  We've been slacking on our evening walks this week but, I do feel great after so I'm hoping to start back again this next week!

Food Cravings or Aversions:  Good 'ol sweet tooth still hanging around!

Gender:  Boy!  Jack Montgomery!

Movement:  Oh yes!  It's been so funny feeling him more & more & watching my stomach.  He's certainly a wiggle worm & I love it!

Symptoms:  A growing bump.... I'm finding I can't bend over as easy as I once could & that makes things interesting.  I immediately hate that I've dropped anything, ever.

Labor Signs:  NO!  Hope these stay away for at least 11 more weeks!

Belly button in or out:  In

Wedding rings on or off:  Engagement ring on

Mood:  Happy!

Nursery:  Coming along... Matt started sanding his dresser & we picked out the dresser color on Saturday!  We also decided on the layout of how everything will go in his room & I think we've decided on a glider!  #progress

What I miss:  Being able to bend over!  LOL!  My stomach is definitely getting bigger & it's becoming more & more noticeable with different things I try to do - bending over, sitting on the floor & getting up.

Best moment this week:  Visiting my best friend & meeting her little boy!  I could not be more excited for her & her new little family but, it also makes me that much more excited & anxious to meet our baby boy!

What I'm looking forward to:  Going to Canton trade days this weekend!  I already know what I'm going after - things for Jack's room, obviously!

Other Notables:
+ We are officially under the 100 day mark! 92 days from today is my official due date!
+ Friday is my glucose test.  I've heard conflicting opinions on how tolerable the drink is or isn't.  I suppose I'll share mine next week.
+  We have our first pediatrician interview this evening & I'm super excited!  (Strange? Yes but, it makes things that much more real!)
+  Last week I purchased Baby 411 & The Happiest Baby on the Block books.  I started reading Baby 411 & I'm really enjoying it so far!  They're open, honest, to the point & somewhat funny.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Baby Yancey - 25 Week Bumpdate!

Top {Similar} & Leggings - Motherhood Maternity

How far along:  25 Weeks... Time is seriously flying by!

Baby Size:  The size of a cauliflower.  Jack now knows the difference between up & down & should be gaining extra fat & hair!  I hope he has lots of hair when he's born!  I had a head full of dark hair & Matt had none... so, it'll be a toss up!

Maternity Clothes:  Yep!

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  All good in tha hood!

Sleep:  Pretty good... I really can't complain!

Exercise:  Proud to report that I have walked 3 times in the last week!  The first day was a bit rough but, I've been stretching & Matt & I walk a little further each day.  I feel good though about finally getting moving!

Food Cravings or Aversions:  The 'ol sweet tooth is still in full force!

Gender:  BOY!

Movement:  He's been a little quiet this last week but, funny enough sitting here typing this survey he's being quite the wiggle worm!  :)
*Update: Last night before we went to sleep Jack was super active, go figure! But, Matt & I both could feel him & then sat & watched my stomach do all sorts of acrobatics!! It was so crazy & so cool!! 

Symptoms:  Starting to feel the added/shifted weight in my stomach.  Does that make sense?

Labor Signs:  Nope!

Belly button in or out:  In... more shallow by the day though!

Wedding rings on or off:  Engagement ring on!

Mood:  Matt says I'm snappy, I say I just want things done... HAHA!  Overall, happy & excited though!

Nursery:  The closet is finished!  I can't wait to share with y'all how we've transformed it!

What I miss:  Nothing really...

Best moment this week:  My brother-in-law & sister-in-law had pulled a lot of things out for us to pass along to Jack from our 2 nephews so, we were able to go through everything this weekend.  There was so much stuff but, we are so thankful for everything they were willing to pass along!

What I'm looking forward to:  Starting the dresser re-do (after the closet is done)!  Aaaand, my best friend miiiight be having her baby this weekend!!  SO exciting!!

PSA... Earlier this week I received my free, yes free breast pump in the mail.  It's the Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set.  (I'll probably need to purchase a larger carrying bag & extra bottles but, it certainly beats purchasing the entire pump!)  In case anyone didn't already know, you can get a free (or discounted) breast pump through your insurance company.  I actually didn't even have to contact my insurance company at all.  I simply contacted a distributor through Medela & they took care of everything for me.  Once I confirmed the pump that I wanted, it was on my doorstep within days!  Click here to visit the Medela site & get your free (or discounted) breast pump!  Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple Taquitos {A Recipe}

In an effort to check an item off of my Fall to-do list & to satisfy my sweet tooth that this pregnancy has brought on in full force, I've been on the hunt for some delicious Fall dessert recipes.  After searching, I discovered these delicious Apple Taquitos.  Oh my goodness... I really shouldn't have to tell y'all how good these are but, believe me when I say they are perfection & may be even better when served with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream.  Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla to be exact.

What you'll need...
9x13 baking pan
8 Flour tortillas
1 can of Apple Pie Filling
Cinnamon & Sugar mixture
2 teaspoons of butter, melted

One - Pre-heat oven to 350*.  Lay one tortilla flat & spoon the apple pie filling in the center.  Depending on size, 3-5 apple slices are sufficient.  Roll the filling in the tortilla & place in the baking pan.

Two - Once all the tortillas are rolled & placed in the baking pan, brush the melted butter generously over each tortilla top.  Then, sprinkle the cinnamon & sugar mixture over each tortilla.  {I didn't do it this go-round but, next time will try sprinkling a little cinnamon directly on the apples before they are rolled up}

Three - Place the pan in the oven & bake for 15-20 minutes or until tortillas become crispy.  Once done, remove from oven & serve warm with a couple scoops of vanilla ice cream.  Enjoy!

Note: Husband & father-in-law approved! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday!!

Happy Friday Y'all!!


Linking up with Christina, April, Natasha & Darci today!!!

One - First things first... Calling all my fellow momma's & momma's-to-be!  I'm in need of some book suggestions to read to prep for baby's arrival!  I admit, I'm not much of a reader so, I'm looking for some easy reads.  So much of a non-reader that I didn't make it through Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs.  Terrible, I know but, just being honest here.  So, any easy reads to prepare this momma... and possibly even for dad too??

Two - This weekend I'm trying my hand at a crock pot potato soup recipe!  I've never made potato soup & I've also never used my crock pot for anything else other than making queso dip soo.... I'll report back with how it all turns out next week!

Three - If you follow me on Pinterest, I must apologize for the amount of quotes & baby room gallery walls I've been pinning! I just need visuals y'all!!  Anyways, two of my favorite quotes/printables that I came across I had to share with y'all!!
One of my all-time favorite songs at church & one we played at my mom's funeral. I'm pretty sure it's a must for Jack's room! {via}

I just love this quote & how it's printed on vintage dictionary paper! {via}

Four - Speaking of prints... Did y'all see??  Mrs. Shalyn Nelson opened up her print shop yesterday!!!  I could not be more happy & excited for this girl!!  She is truly such an inspiration with everything that she puts her heart & mind to!  Go check out her shop here! I can't wait to order my print... Problem is I can't decide which one I want!!!

Five - Sometimes, Friday's call for a trip back to childhood & powdered donuts for breakfast are in order!
& maybe Thursday called for them as breakfast too... No judging here! ;)

Hope y'all have a great weekend!! We're off to watch our nephews in their last soccer & baseball games of the season! I can't wait because it's been too long since we've seen them & they are growing like little weeds!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Baby Yancey - 24 Week Bumpdate!

How far along:  24 weeks!

Baby Size:  Baby boy is the size of a cantaloupe!  Wowza!

Weight Gain:
  Not sure...

Maternity Clothes:  Oh yes!

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  Feeling good in this area

Sleep:  Ok, my hips start to hurt through the night which wakes me up.  I'm going to start sleeping with a pillow in between my legs to see how that helps.  I borrowed a pregnancy pillow from a girlfriend & it was just too much for me, bulky, hot - just wasn't helping things much.

Food Cravings or Aversions:  My sweet tooth has been at an all-time high!  I've really had to control myself but, it's been hard.  Also, I've been on a major soup kick the last couple of weeks - it's all that sounds good for dinner!

Gender:  BOY!  Which was further confirmed by another test this week!

Movement:  Oh yes!  He is moving constantly & I love it!  I find myself just watching my stomach some nights to see if I can see him.  :)

Symptoms:  A growing belly... speaking of, any time I am super full after eating I feel like my stomach can't stretch anymore & is about to pop!  It's an interesting feeling, ha!

Labor Signs:  Nada!

Belly button in or out:  In but, getting more shallow by the day!

Wedding rings on or off:  Happy to report they're both back on in the last couple of days!

Mood:  Relieved!  We got some great news this week & couldn't be more happy & thankful to the good Lord above!!

Nursery:  We have the design of the closet finalized & wood for shelving purchased.  This weekend the shelves should be painted & installed!  Whoo Hoo!

What I miss:  Nothing really this week...

Best moment this week:  Our good news we received Monday!

What I'm looking forward to:  Getting Jack's closet completed so we can situate furniture & begin more projects!

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Pumpkin Patch Day!

This weekend felt like the first real Fall weekend here, weather wise, & it was perfection!  I busted out my riding boots & cardigan and spent Saturday afternoon in the most beautiful pumpkin patch at the Dallas Arboretum for Autumn at the Arboretum!  I wasn't sure what to expect before arriving, with the exception of some pictures online and we were blown away with the designs and set-up of all the pumpkins - 50,000 to be exact!

A great day with good friends & my Prince Charming!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Goals!

Hmm... It seems I must have forgotten that September was starting!?  I guess easy to do when the month seemed to fly by, literally.  Did anyone else feel that September flew by??  It was an exciting month for us... Family visited & we celebrated my brother's birthday & our gender reveal party, co-hosted my best friend's baby shower, celebrated my Dad's birthday & a bunch of little stuff in between.  Yes, it was a busy month but, a great one too!

So, let's take a look back at August & see how I did...


+ Find those darn seat cushions for the dining room chairs!  I've kind of given up on this
+ Share the finished kitchen, dining, living rooms
+ Finish the hallway renovation (Matt started it this weekend!)
+ Tackle the front/side yard & back flower beds
+ Decorate the office
+ Hang the remaining interior doors (This will happen once the hallway is done!)
+ Finish decorating the guest room  I do have one more wall to figure out what to do with but, I'm leaving it open until I fall in love with an idea
+ Put pictures in the mail to people
+ Plan a little somethin' somethin' for Matt & I
+ Stay on budget
+ Finish organizing the nursery - progress was made this weekend!
+ Put items on Craigslist or donate
+ Workout 2-3 times a week


+ Finish the nursery closet
+ Visit a pumpkin patch
+ Stay on track with birthdays
+ Plan a quick get-away for Matt & I for next month
+ Start planning/shopping for Christmas gifts - yeah, I went there!  & I'm staying on track this year!
+ Start sharing our "house tour" here on the blog - I've been saying this for months y'all but, I'm serious about it this month, it's happening!!!
+ Create a cute Halloween costume
+ Make some yummy Fall recipes - I'm thinking cookies, pancakes, etc.
+ Make a 6 pack of all my favorite Fall/pumpkin beers & keep them for after the baby is here!  {It's my favorite time for seasonal beer so, I'll enjoy it when I can!}

What are your goals for October??

Do months ever fly by for you?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Baby Yancey - 23 Week Bumpdate

How far along:  23 Weeks

Baby Size:  Baby boy is the size of a Grapefruit

Weight Gain:
  According to my Dr. I'm up a total of 8 lbs from pre-pregnancy weight.  (I've been guessing between appts.)  I'm totally fine with the 8 lbs however, 6 of those 8 lbs I packed on in the last 4 weeks.  HA!  I repeat, I'm totally fine with the 8 lbs but the 6 lbs in 4 weeks was the shocker after not gaining hardly any before then.  Like one of my girlfriends said, "Jack is a growing boy!" & I'm totally ok with that! 

Maternity Clothes:  Definitely wearing maternity bottoms but, can still squeeze into some of my bigger tops.

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  Nothing new this week.  I've adjusted my diet a bit & it seems to help what I think is slight swelling.

Sleep:  It's descent - my hips start hurting though after sleeping on one side for too long.

Food Cravings or Aversions:  Nothing in particular

Gender:  Sweet baby boy!

Movement:  Oh yeah!  & Loving every bit of it!

Symptoms:  Being emotional - gah pregnancy hormones can be a real you-know-what!

Labor Signs:  Nada

Belly button in or out:  In but, it is certainly getting more shallow

Wedding rings on or off:  Engagement ring on but, wedding band off.  Sadly, I can't wear both at the same time.

Mood:  Anxious... ready to meet our little man but, I know we still have a ways to go yet.

Nursery:  We've started talking closet design this week & I'm excited to get that rolling!

What I miss:  I could use a pumpkin/Fall beer.  I would take just one but, goodness it sounds SO good!

Best moment this week:  Scoring 3 things for Jack's nursery at a local antique mall this last weekend!

What I'm looking forward to:  This weekend... we're headed to the pumpkin patch, weather permitting & I'm excited to check it out & get lost in the corn maze.  #nevergrowingup

Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday!

Y'all... Hallelujah it's Friday... And, Five on Friday is back!!  I am so excited that this fun link-up is back with 4 of the sweetest girls, Christina, April, Natasha & Darci!

One - Last weekend my best friend gifted the shower hostess' with hand soaps, sanitizers & candles.  She knows how much I love the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle scent from Bath & Body Works & got all 3 of them in the scent!  Ahhh!  Love it all so much!!  She's the best!

Two - You know you've snagged a good man when he surprises his pregnant wife with red velvet Nothing Bundt Cake!
Win!  Win!  Win!!!

Three - A couple weeks ago I decided it was time to change up my nail color (toes, not fingers - I can't ever keep my finger nails looking pretty so, I don't even try!).  I was looking through my collection of polishes & stumbled upon Essie's Smokin' Hot.  It's a darker grey color but, not too dark.  It's the perfect Fall color & I'm so happy I found it in my collection!
smokin hot - grays by essie

Four - As a fellow momma-to-be (& bargainista) I feel like any time I come across a good deal I must share... duh!  If you are preggers & looking for leggings, look no more - Motherhood Maternity is having a buy 1 get 1 free sale right now!  I have two pair already & ordered more earlier this week.  I can't say enough how comfortable they are.  They're thick enough that they're not see through but, thin enough that they're not too hot.  Which is perfect for the Fall/Winter here in Texas  {No, this was not a sponsored post but, I wouldn't hate it if MM wanted to send more my way! ;)}

Five - Fall has finally made it's way into our house this week & I couldn't be more happy about it!  Now, if we could just keep some cooler temps around we would be set!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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