Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Baby Yancey - 35 Week Bumpdate!

NYE 2015!  {I forgot to take a bumpdate picture therefore, I never posted this but, none-the-less here's 35 weeks of all bump!}

How far along: 35 Weeks!

Baby Size:  Baby boy is as big as a Coconut!  Weighing anywhere from 4.2 - 5.8 lbs & is 17.2 - 18.7 in. long from head to his tiny toes!

Weight Gain:  Don't know... Don't really want to know but, will find out for sure Friday!

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes!

Stretch Marks/Swelling:  I think I discovered some new stretch marks on my hips but, nothing too major.  My feet swelling has become a constant battle.  I'm drinking a lot of water, keeping them propped up when I can & walking as much as possible as well to try & keep the swelling to a minimum.

Sleep:  Ha!  Considering I'm typing this at 6am on my day off... :)  Yeah, we'll just say it's getting interesting lately & I'm not getting very much sleep.  I'm hoping to talk to my Dr about it on Friday though to see if we can come up with a resolution... aka something to knock me out!

Food Cravings or Aversions:  Nothing really... Matt was eating some sausage the other night that didn't smell too great to me but, other than that there's been nothing.

Gender:  Boy!!

Movement:  His movements are definitely slowing down.  Less kicks & jabs & more whole body movements across my stomach.

Symptoms:  Feet swelling & sore joints in my hands.  My back is still hurting but, I know that won't subside until after Jack is here so, dealing with it.

Labor Signs:  I don't think so.  I do think I've had some more Braxton Hicks though... which makes me confused if those are the "fake" thing then how do I know when it's the "real" thing??

Belly button in or out: Neither, just flat!

Wedding rings on or off:  Off & off... can't wait to wear my rings again though!

Mood:  Considering my lack of sleep I'm turning into a bit of a grump.  I'm trying to watch myself though & make sure I don't snap too much.  It's hard & of course I realize I've done it immediately & feel terrible!  Poor Matt!  He's really been so awesome throughout all of this!!

Nursery:  We made some major progress this last weekend - Furniture is situated just so, gallery wall is up, some other miscellaneous things are hung & will be adding more stuff over the next couple of days along with all the goodies we bring home from the shower this weekend!

What I miss:  Honestly, my body just feeling good.  No aching, no taking breaks after doing something for 10 minutes... I'm just ready to feel good again.

Best moment this week:  By far Christmas with our family & making such good progress in the nursery!!

What I'm looking forward to:  My baby shower & Matt's diaper party this weekend!  Our families are coming into town also & just being surrounded by our family and friends is always the best!!

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  1. You are getting so close!! I love following your updates :-) Who is throwing the diaper shower for him? I want to get one planned for my husband but am unsure where to start!!


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