Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goals: January & 2015

I'll be honest and admit that I certainly slacked towards the end of the year with my goal making & keeping.  So, with the new year I'm getting back on track!  I'm sure having a baby in the next 4 weeks or so may throw things off a little bit but, that's ok... I'm up for the challenge to stay on track as much as possible!  (Feel free to remind me of this in 2 months - ha!)

So, here's some things I would like to tackle throughout the year in 2015...

+ Organize different rooms & spaces at least once a month throughout the house.  The kitchen & master bath will be tackled soon but, I'm hoping to get some sort of "calendar" up soon to keep me on track.  I know Pinterest has tons of resources for things like this!

+ Have all debts paid off!  We are down to just a couple & I would love to have them paid off, done & done by the end of the year.  There's really no reason this can't be done if we'll just get serious about it!  #toughlove

+ Complete our house remodel!  We have the bathrooms & kitchen floor left to do so, we are extremely close - I'm confident we can get it done!

+ For Matt & I both to get back on track with our overall health & wellness!  Sadly, we've really slacked the last several months - I've craved those good, comfort, Southern meals & we're both feeling it.  It will be nice to get out as a family in the Spring to go on walks & so forth.  Don't worry, I'll be starting well before Spring comes around! ;)  #fitfamily2015

And for the more immediate items, here's my goals for January 2015!

+ Rearrange/organize the kitchen cabinets.  As it is now, I couldn't fit a bottle in there if I wanted to so, room must be made!

+ Rearrange/organize the master bath cabinets.  Since our bathroom has the only tub it's likely that most of Jack's baths will be taken in our bathtub.  So, I need to make room for all of his bath items - soaps, shampoos, toys, etc.

+ Have our hospital bags packed by mid-month

+ Have Jack's room organized by mid-month... Completely decorated, clothes washed & put away, etc., etc.

+ With that... Share his nursery here on the blog before his arrival!  HA!  I could just see this happening in March if I don't make it a point to share this month!

What are your goals for January & 2015?


  1. wow cant believe that Jack will be here before we know. It seems like it went by so fast. It will all come together and cant wait to watch you as a Mom its truly the best thing ever.

  2. Can't wait to see your little mans nursery!!! Happy 2015 :)
    Chelsea @


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