Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Rundown!

Hi friends!  Happy Monday!!

I had a chipper Friday post started up on Friday & then got not-so-great news at the Dr later that morning & it totally changed my mood - I was not chipper any more.  {FYI, everything is fine, just no darn progression in the dilation department}  I was really bummed, let myself cry about it and later decided that I could either stay in that bad mood or make the best of the fact that Matt & I had at least one more weekend as just the two of us & we were going to make the best of it & have fun!  So, that's exactly what we did!

Friday we decided to go see American Sniper at Coyote Drive-In that night.  It was the perfect date night!  We were able to take Bingham along, got there early to get a good parking spot & grab some dinner.  American Sniper was a great movie, enough said!  The Wedding Ringer happened to be the second feature so, we decided to be wild & stayed to see it - got home after midnight & all!  It was a funny movie but, we definitely could have lived without one part of the movie.  Overall, they were both good in their own respect & so glad we got to see both of them!  We love going to the drive-in & can't wait to go with Jack this Spring/Summer!
Overlooking Downtown Ft. Worth

Saturday started out a little lazy but, we treated ourselves to brunch at Gloria's & then ran some errands.  It was such a gorgeous day weather wise so, it was really nice to be out & about!  Gloria's has the best bean dip & salsa... & our potentially last date day had to be documented!

I opted for the Mexican Omelette & it was ooh so good!  Plus $1 mimosas with the purchase of a brunch item... Holla!  I didn't partake but, I will definitely be back after Jack is born!  ;)

Sunday we spent the day literally being big, lazy bums... and it was amazing!!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow as I will be sharing Jack's nursery!!  I am SO excited to finally share it with y'all!!

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  1. After little Jack comes, I'm sure you'll enjoy a good mimosa or two. I know I'll be doing the same thing once Kensington is here!

  2. I LOVE drive-ins! So fun! (haha I'm interested to see what part you're talking about- uhoh) Glad the weekend was fabulous and hopefully you'll get some good news soon! :)


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