Monday, January 19, 2015


Well, this is different... I'm here... On a Monday... Blogging!!

Anyways... we had a fun & semi low-key weekend.  Not that we can be getting too crazy these days but, ya know...  Friday night Matt, my dad, his girlfriend & I all went to the Ft Worth Stock Show Ranch Rodeo.  If you've never been to a ranch rodeo, you need to see at least one in your life - they're different than a regular rodeo & a lot of fun!

Saturday my girlfriends came over for breakfast - Erin was a doll & picked up Fuzzy's Taco's for everyone - ohmagosh good!  Then Matt & I were off to return/exchange baby items at Target.  It was such a gorgeous day Saturday I so badly wanted to go sit on a patio (with a cold drink!) after our Target trip but, my poor feet were swelling too bad that I had to get home & prop them up.  Boo!  But, that was made up for when I went to get a pedicure on Sunday... Oh my gosh I haven't had one in forever & have actually heard they can cause you to go into labor so, I've avoided them this whole pregnancy.  And THEN I see two other pregnant ladies in the salon while I was there Sunday!?!?  My best friend went with me & it was a really nice, relaxing afternoon!!  I won't be waiting so long for my next one!

Sunday evening we decided to try a new recipe that we had seen on TV made with Pillsbury crescent rolls - Crescent Pizza Pockets.  You can't ever go wrong with crescent rolls so we knew it would be good!  Similar to my homemade Stromboli or a homemade pizza but, it was a nice little change up & super easy!  {Recipe here}

Not as pretty as the original recipe but, they were good!!


  1. I'm shockingly here on a Monday too! I haven't been to Ft. Worth since we took our engagement pictures. I'm so jealous! I need to convince the hubs we need to stay at the Stockyards for our anniversary this year. Definitely going to be trying that recipe. If its pizza related and easy I'm always down.

  2. I always want to go to the fort worth stock show but haven't worked out so far looks like yal had a blast. you know I need that recipe girl looks yum

  3. Amanda from Keeping Up with the Haneys was at the ranch rodeo Friday night! We are going to have to go to the ranch rodeo next year. We’ll be at the FWSSR this Saturday. We have tickets for the 2:00pm rodeo. My husband has been every year since he was one (so 33 years for him) and I have been every year with him since we’ve been together (19 years) and this will be Mason’s 5th year. It’s a tradition his Grandfather started with him. He has passed, but we carry on the tradition by going every year and taking our boy! Love it. Cute pictures! Sounds like a good weekend.

  4. THose pizza pockets look amazing!!! Glad you had fun at the rodeo!


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