Monday, February 23, 2015

Welcome Baby Jack!

Is it official that Jack was born now that I'm blogging about it??

We are officially 3 weeks & 2 days into this whole new gig... I'm still in shock that He is even here & that He is ours... to keep... forever!!  Jack Montgomery was born on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 9:03 pm.  Jack was 7.7 lbs & 21 inches long.

We are truly over the moon in love with him & just can't get over how darn cute He is! HA!  I know we're partial but, for real... those cheeks are just so darn cute & kissable... all of the time!!  The first two weeks my aunts came to town & helped us get adjusted to our new addition and we've officially been solo for a week now.  So far Jack is nursing really well & sleeps pretty good too!  He definitely does not like to have a dirty diaper, #1 or #2 & immediately let's us know about it!  Overall, things are going pretty good... & Bingham is even adjusting pretty well!  Our hearts have swollen to a size I didn't know was possible & we are so in love with our little guy & our new life!

Thank you SO much to everyone for all of the love, support & well wishes over the last few weeks!  I hope to be back soon to share more about Jack & our new life as Mom & Dad!


  1. Congratulations, Shayna and Matt. Jack is absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for your guys (and I'm glad to hear Bingham is adjusting well too). Take care, oxoxo!

  2. Congratulations again Shayna (and Matt)! Welcome to the Blog-o-sphere Jack :) Glad things are going well for you all! That's awesome! Enjoy your little bundle of joy! Look forward to reading more updates.

  3. Love this! And that sweet head of hair!!! xx

  4. Hes just as sweet as could be, and Im happy to hear that he is sleeping good. Im sure mom and dad really like that ;)

  5. You are going to have to keep blogging occasionally so that I can see him! I gave up Insta for Lent, eeek!!! Congratulations again :)

  6. Congrats again!! He is so precious! So glad to hear the first few weeks have been going well

  7. Congratulations!!! He is a cutie!!!

  8. Congratulations! Becoming a parent is so awesome!


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