Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday!

Hi Friends!  Happy Friday!  Or as some are calling it now days, Happy Fri-yay!  I kind of like it.  Adds just a little more cheer to your Friday!

I'm linking up with Christina, Natasha, April & Darci today for Five on Friday!

One - Earlier this week Matt & I decided to take advantage of the nice weather we were having & went out on our first "family of four" walk!  It was so nice to get out of the house & soak up the fresh air - safe to say we all really enjoyed it!  {& Bingham did great with the stroller - yay!}

Two - I had my 6 week post-partum check-up at the Dr. this week & got the all clear!  So, there will be much more of these evening walks, I've started using My Fitness Pal again & I'm going to start up the workouts again as well!  After 10+ months of literally no working out, it's like I've never worked out before & I have a completely different body!  I've got 13 lbs of baby weight to lose + about another 18 that I had packed on pre-pregnancy so, Momma has to get. to. work!  Any tips on getting back into the groove of working out after baby??

Three - Last Sunday we had Spring/Family pictures taken. This is one of the sneak peeks I was sent & my heart just melted! Bingham really does love Jack already & I can't wait for them to be best friends!! {Check out A & C Photography if you're in the D/FW area!}

Four - Easter is right around the corner!!  I so want to take some fun Easter pics with Jack & I'm hoping he'll cooperate!  Here's one of my inspirational pictures from Pinterest!  I'll keep y'all posted if they turn out!

Five - & speaking of Easter... We'll be taking our first road trip with the babe... It normally takes us 6 hrs to drive but, I know it will take much longer this time. Any tips from fellow moms on baby's first road trip!?  What's worth taking?  What should we leave behind?  Any help is much appreciated!!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!!


  1. Glad to hear that your 6 week checkup went well! I haven't worked out a single bit since being pregnant... but that's mostly because my pregnancy is considered high risk with being IVF and all. I will look forward to the day when I can exercise regularly again!

  2. Using MyFitnessPal has definitely helped me out a lot. I also got a fitbit too. They keep me accountable for sure. Good luck, I know you get do it.

  3. How cute is your family of four!! Looks like a great walk outing! The photo of Bingham and Jack.. oh gosh! So precious! You have got to recreate that Easter photo.. adorable!

  4. Yay for a great six-week check up! Do you have Stroller Strides or Fit4Mom or anything similar in your area? I did Stroller Barre and loved it! Anything you can take the little one with you is great (and I loved having to sign up and be accountable for going!).

  5. Love that photo with the bab and the pup. Our dog loves our kids and it's so much fun to watch them interact. That Easter egg photo is awesome! I'm hoping to get something similar with my two this year. And best of luck with the road trip. I suggest sitting in the back with the baby, lots of singing, reading books and interaction. If you can drive at night or during naps, even better!


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