Friday, March 6, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 1 Month!

Well, we officially survived our first month as parents... & Jack survived as well!  High five!

I'm not sure where the month went but, I can tell you that it was a crazy/fun one!  I have to give a huge shout out to both of my aunts that came up from South Texas & each stayed with us for a full week the first two weeks after Jack was born.  It was truly a blessing having them both here & help us figure it all out.  From helping care for Jack, to cleaning house & making multiple meals, they both were such angels & we are so incredibly thankful that they were both able & willing to come & be with us during those first two weeks.  Now... about the babe -

He can't believe he's 1 month old already, either!

Height - 21 inches long (This is what Jack supposedly was at birth but, going back to his first appt., He was actually about 19 inches long)

Weight - 8 lbs 5 oz

Hair - The boy has a lot of hair & I am happy to report that so far, none of it is falling out yet!

Eyes - Right now they are a dark blue/gray color.  Definitely excited to see what they turn out to be.

Clothes - Newborn clothes are still fitting but, some are a little snug with some 0-3 month onesies fitting.  He's grown out of a couple of newborn sleepers (too short) so, we've started using 0-3 month sleepers.  They are definitely a little too long on him but, fit in every other aspect.

Diapers - Lasted the first 4 weeks in newborn diapers but, we ran out and had to put him in size 1's just to get by.  Size 1's were fitting descent so, we decided just to stay with them and they're fitting great.  In newborn & size 1's we're using Huggies Little Snugglers.

Sleeping - He sleeps pretty good. During the day he sleeps from 2-3 hrs at a time & at night typically 3-4 hour stretches. 

Eating - He's eating great!  For the first 3 1/2 weeks I was exclusively breast feeding but, then Jack began having some reflux issues.  After getting some prescription meds from the doctor and switching him to exclusive bottle feeding, we seemed to have worked things out.  (He can't eat/nurse laying down or else He spits up a ton so I have switched to pumping).  So, now we are doing 4/2 breast milk bottles to formula bottles.  He didn't love the formula at first but, seems to have adjusted now & is doing great!  Also, ever since we started the 3 oz bottles he's like clock work eating every 3 hrs.!

Likes - Baths!  The boy loves bath time! I'm so thankful he does because it was one of the things I was most scared to do as a new mom!  He also likes to be up on your shoulder & pull his head up & look around. 

Dislikes - Hands down a dirty diaper! Homeboy knows when He is the slightest bit wet... So we fill up the diaper genie quickly & can run through the diapers!

• At about 2 1/2 weeks old he began making these grunting noises & they're absolutely adorable!
• Does not like to be woken up at all!
• Likes to be tightly swaddled when going to sleep, otherwise his arms & hands are everywhere!
• Speaking of sleep, I don't know if I've just never been around a sleeping baby through the night or what but, he is the noisiest sleeper!  He makes all kinds of grunts & cooing type noises when he sleeps!  Mostly just after we've put him down but, typically they last for about 30 minutes. 
• Is quite a gassy baby - it's crazy the toots that He can produce!  He can certainly hang with the big boys in that department!
• Makes some of the cutest facial expressions & already has his Daddy's serious look - it's pretty funny!

We love our boy so much & can't wait to see what month 2 brings us!


  1. He is so cute!! Great job making it the first month.. Everyone always told me the 1st month was the hardest… :) Hope you are able to get some sleep!!
    Happy Friday

  2. He is so handsome, lady! Congrats again!

  3. That first picture - SO CUTE!!!!! He is precious! 3-4 hour sleeping stretches are good for mama :)

  4. How Exciting!! The first month was my absolute favorite.

  5. So sweet...and glad he's eating and sleeping better!

  6. Shayna,
    Where did you get the awesome personalized blanket?


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