Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Family Weekend

Wednesday weekend recapping... it's a thing now, didn't you know!?

This weekend was filled with a lot of family time & it was absolutely perfect!  It started out having dinner with Matt's parents Friday night at this delicious little Italian restaurant - Mama Mia's.  I think I've mentioned it here before but, if you're looking for some delicious Italian food in Ft. Worth, Mama Mia's is your place!  Saturday Matt's brother & his family came to spend the day with us & go out to dinner that evening.  Our nephews are 6 & 8 and both love Jack so much - it's incredibly sweet watching them with Jack and allll the questions they have about him as well!  To top it off Sunday my dad, aka Pawpaw, stopped by for a quick visit.

It was such a great weekend - low key, fun & filled with family!  Here's some sweet pictures with Jack & his cousins!

Such cuties!

Jack loves his sunglasses & Momma thinks they're too funny & cute on!

Saturday night in Downtown Ft. Worth for dinner

It was so nice to have a fun, low-key weekend since our schedule is about to start picking up these next few weekends!


  1. Your family is so gorgeous! And I love a low key weekend!

  2. Your family is so gorgeous! And I love a low key weekend!


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