Monday, April 13, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 2 Months

How two months have come & gone is beyond me.  Jack is technically 2 1/2 months old now but, hey... what's a couple weeks late!?  We've been having so much fun - most days & actually been quite busy that I haven't had a chance to really sit & write this out!  We sometimes feel like Jack has been in our lives forever but, other times we realize just how much more there is to learn about this whole parenting gig.  It's a lot of hard work but, I would not trade him for the world!  He truly makes our lives better!

Disclaimer - Jack was not into taking pictures this day.  The pictures will let you know that - Ha!

Height - 

Weight - 11.4 lbs

Hair - Still has a lot of hair & everyone always comments on it!  It does seem to be getting a little lighter though - Momma secretly hopes it stays a dark brown.  :)

Eyes - Still blue as ever!  Momma is certainly shocked but, LOVE that they are still blue!  I am crossing my fingers that they stay blue!

Clothes - Just as you turned 4 weeks old you were into 0-3/3 month clothes.  Momma was in a little bit of denial over it but, Daddy made me realize that your newborn clothes were just getting too small.  And you couldn't stretch your legs out completely in your sleepers.  So, out with the newborn & in with the 3 month clothes!

Diapers -  Same with diapers - right as you turned 4 weeks old we started using size 1 diapers.  We use Huggies Little Snugglers & they work great.  However, you're going to make us go broke over diapers because when you are the slightest bit wet you let us know by crying and won't let up until your diaper is changed.  Not high maintenance at all.  ;)

Sleeping -  Sleeping great for the most part!  You started giving us consistent longer stretches through the night which was awesome!  You're last bottle seems to be about 8pm, asleep by 9 or 9:30 & you'll sleep until about 3-ish, give or take a little bit.  You nap pretty well during the day also.  Sometimes you won't go back to sleep for daytime naps & that's ok - you seem to handle it pretty well for the most part.  Also, you're still sleeping in your Rock 'n Sleeper - Mom isn't ready to move you to your room just yet!  :)

Eating -  There really was something about that 4 week mark because you also went from 3 oz bottles to 4 oz bottles.  You are on a combo of breast milk bottles & formula bottles.

Likes -  You've started talking to us & are most happy after waking up from a good nap, eating & a diaper change = one happy boy!  You are still loving bath time & watching the ceiling fan go 'round & 'round!  You've also discovered your hands & love to suck on them!

Dislikes - At first you were still unsure of car rides but, with more & more time in the car & your car seat you have gotten much better about it!

+ On 3/14/15 you kicked over from your back to your side.  It could have been a fluke deal because you haven't done it again but, it needed to be documented!

+ At 6 weeks old we took you to your first party - a crawfish boil!

+ We have been taking you out & about with us to a lot of places & you do so good!  Restaurants, stores, birthday parties, etc. - you're a champ!

Jack - Mommy & Daddy love you so much!!  You truly bring so much joy to our lives!  You are the cutest, sweetest thing ever & we are so blessed to call you our little boy!  As hard as it is to see you grow so fast, we are enjoying all this time with you!  We love you little dude!

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