Thursday, April 16, 2015

Road Trippin'... With a Baby!

For Easter this year, as most years, we traveled South to Corpus Christi to spend it with my mom's side of the family.  Jack had just turned 2 months old & would be 9 weeks the Saturday of Easter weekend.  Up to that point, the furthest we had driven was about 1 hour away from home so, I was a little nervous as to how things would go with a brand new baby on a road trip that normally takes us 6 hours.  We decided to leave Thursday evening & would come home Sunday afternoon, after church.  The trip down Thursday night was a breeze - Jack slept most of the time since it was night time & it only took us about 1 hour longer.  Sunday afternoon was a bit more difficult due to accident traffic & feedings that needed to be done while on the road + the fact that Jack cannot stand a wet diaper in the least bit & screams bloody murder until it's changed.  So, that makes for some fun times!

Matt & I talked about what worked & didn't work for us on this trip & things we learned.  So, here's our list of tips for traveling with a baby!

+ Travel at night/in the evening if possible so that baby can sleep, making a nice ride for you & staying on their sleep schedule as well as possible.

+ Have all bottles/feeding stuff as "ready" as possible.

+ If you're traveling at night, have a light source that isn't extremely bright so that you can use it to check on the baby while on the road.

+ If you're on a time frame, leave 2 hrs early to give yourself plenty of time for stops for feedings, diaper changes & stretch sessions.

+ Don't get in a rush or stress too much... Just like at home, they can sense what you're feeling so, try to stay calm as best you can & enjoy the ride. 

+ If traveling with your spouse or someone else, one of you ride in the back with the baby. I didn't do this our whole trip but, did at times & it helped Jack relax.

+ If you don't already have one in your car for daily use, I highly suggest picking up a back seat baby mirror to check on baby whenever you need to!  Matt could see mirror to mirror & I could turn around & check on Jack in the mirror instead of crawling over from the front to check on him - Life. Saver.

+ Once you arrive at your destination, be prepared for a fussy baby. They've just been taken completely out of their element, been in their car seat longer than they desired & are now in a new place with all sorts of new sounds & smells. It can be overwhelming so, be prepared to console a confused and fussy baby.  (This may not happened to everyone but, it did Jack & some other friends I've talked with as well).

Have you ever road tripped with a baby?  What are some things you learned along the way?

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  1. all great suggestions and ones that I will be using when our babe comes along in the fall!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Excellent tips! I despise car travel with my kids because they both hate the car seat so much! Traveling at night has been a lifesaver.


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