Friday, May 15, 2015

Five On Friday

Happy Friday!!  I am looking forward to a fun weekend away from the hustle & bustle.  Jack is going to meet a lot of new people this weekend & visit Grandma & Grandpa's house for the first time!!  Linking up with April today for...

And Erika, Andrea & Narci for...

1 - I recently started using Coconut Oil for lotion & it is amazing what it can do for your skin!  At first it was a little too oily for me but, after it soaks in it feels amazing!!  I'm definitely hooked on using Coconut Oil now!  Do you use Coconut oil?

2 - After buying a few & letting them go bad I finally picked up & cooked a Spaghetti Squash last week!  Matt & I were both pleasantly surprised at how good it was & that it filled us up so much.  We piled our plates up, as seen below, and couldn't finish all that we put on our plate.  It was very good & filling!  We'll definitely be cooking another spaghetti squash!

3 - TV Shows - The Royals... Has anyone else been watching this show?  There is certainly no shortage of drama there... Ugh, the brother - He gives me to ebee gebees!  I would love to smack the Queen Mother and those poor kids... HAHA!  Sounds like a super uplifting shower from how I'm talking about it!  But, I am enjoying it & can't wait for it to come back on next season!

Scandal - OH MY GOSH!  Who is watching Scandal!?!?  That finale... I heard that there may be 3 main characters killed off... but, what if it was more 3 main characters that are just gone & won't bee back every show??  Jake, Mellie & Cyrus... Thoughts??  Ah & I want to know what happens with Huck & Quinn!!  I have a feeling Huck may win that fight & it's not going to end well for Quinn... ugh!  I can't wait for Scandal to come back in the Fall!

4 - I have been wanting to spruce up our back porch for a while now but, it's just something that's been put off.  Now that Jack is here I really want to add a seating area to the back porch so that we can spend some morning and/or afternoons out there & enjoy the fresh air!  I have my eye on this one from World Market - 

5 - And what's a blog post these days without some baby pictures!?  Earlier this week Jack was snoozing away & it was an hour past his time to eat + was getting into the evening & we needed him to sleep that night.  So, I had to wake him up... Needless to say He was not the easiest little guy to wake up.  (Maybe a little like his momma!) :)

Those thighs though... I pinch them alll the time!  And those cheeks!  He's a pinch-able baby for sure!!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My First Mother's Day

This Sunday was a super special day for me, as it was my first Mother's Day!  We were out of town for a college graduation so, majority of the day was spent traveling back home - who would of thought, us, traveling!?  It will be the same come Father's Day so, what do ya do!?  Matt let me sleep in that morning - & I woke up feeling guilty but, it was so much appreciated!  Traveling actually worked out in my favor though because we just so happened to be passing by my favorite small Texas town, Gruene & stopped to spend some time there.  While walking around we stumbled upon a new-to-us outdoor place that had live music so, we stopped in & spent the rest of our time there.  It was exactly what we love to do & we had so much fun!  When we got home Sunday night Matt gave me my card & gift.  In the card was a foot print & a hand print of Jack's - my heart melted!  I will cherish that card forever & ever!  The boys also gave me this beautiful James Avery ring with Jack's initials on it - I love it so much!

Sleepy boy!

Family Selfie

This boy... He makes my heart just explode with love & happiness.  I have truly never known a love the way I love this little boy & I am so blessed to be his mommy!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Five on Friday

Hi y'all!  Happy Friday!!  I felt like I had some things other than straight baby talk to write/share about today so, here I am! I'm linking up with April, Natasha, Christina & Darci today!

1 - Monday a girlfriend & I took our boys to the Ft Worth Zoo. Blaine is 13 weeks older than Jack & even though they couldn't really interact it was nice to get out & enjoy our beautiful zoo!

2 - Yesterday I decided to change up the nail color on my toes.  I went with Essie's E-nuf is E-nuf & love it!  A great color for Spring!

3 - Saturday night Matt & I went out for only the second time since Jack was born!  (The first was lunch at 2 wks old!). But, we were celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary - we had dinner & then went to listen to one of his co-workers band play at this fun indoor/outdoor bar/restaurant. Nothing fancy but we had so much fun dancing & catching up. It was just what we needed!

4 - For almost 2 weeks now Jack has been sleeping in his crib through the night & for (most) naps. We had been wanting a sound machine & finally bought this one earlier this week. We don't have too much experience with it yet but, so far we love it & it's working!!  Bonus it's super small so we can tote it with us on out of town trips!

5 - This Sunday will be my very first Mother's Day! (duh!). Since my mom passed it hasn't been my favorite holiday - although I do celebrate the fact that I did have the best, most caring, fun mom in the world!  I'm looking forward to celebrating in a new way this year though - as Jack's mommy!  I hope all of you wonderful Mom's have a great Mothers Day!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 3 Months!

Dear Jack-Jack,

    You are growing so fast & your little personality is really coming through!  You love to laugh & your gummy smiles just melt Mommy & Daddy's hearts in an instant!  We literally have conversations with you for 20 minutes at a time - you love to talk!  This month we celebrated your first official holiday - Easter which also brought your first road trip!  We all survived the road trip & are ready to soon take another one.  We've been getting back to church more & for the most part you are great during church!  We continue to get comments about "all that hair" & it never gets old!  I love all of your hair!  As much we want you to slow your growing down just a bit we are enjoying watching your ever evolving personality & can't wait to see what the next several months bring!  We love you so much little guy!

Weight - We don't know for sure but, we're thinking you are every bit of 13 lbs!  You area growing boy!

Hair - All still there & still brown.  Although it is getting a little lighter & we can see a small tint of red in there!  (That comes from your Daddy & Grandpa!)

Eyes - Still as blue as ever!  Keeping my fingers crossed that they stay!

Clothes - 3 month clothes across the board.  Towards the end of the month things are getting a little tight on you.  Starting to transition to 3-6 & 6 month clothes.

Diapers - Size 1 - Huggies Little Snugglers

Sleeping - You have been sleeping great!  For majority of the month you were sleeping in your Rock 'n Sleeper but, you're just getting too big for it & Dad put his foot down - said it was time to move you out of it & into your crib!  So, after you napping in your crib successfully through the weekend, Sunday April 26 we put you in your crib for the night.  There were severe storms in the area & Mommy freaked - by mid-night you were back in our room!  HA!  However, the rest of the week you continued to sleep in your crib for naps & at night.  You reverted back to waking up through the night but, by the following weekend you were back to the 6-ish hour stretches.  It breaks my heart but, makes me proud all at the same time!

Eating -  Eating like a little champ... 4 oz every 3-ish hours

+ You love sitting in your bumbo-like chair - you really think you are something else!
+ Love to carry on a conversation - we have a few on video for keepsake!
+ Getting stronger & holding your head up much better!
+ You enjoy being outside in the fresh air
+ You have found your fist & really love sucking on it.  You try to stick the whole thing in your mouth & end up gagging yourself!  I try to tell you not to do that but, you don't listen!  ;)
+ You enjoy sitting in your rocking chair thinga-ma-bob & especially love being in the kitchen with us!
+ We give you your baths in your whale tub in the kitchen sink - we've lovingly named the counter & floor your "splash zone" because you really start kicking & splashing water everywhere throughout your bath!  It's pretty comical!
+ This month you met you great, great, great Aunt B!  She is my mom's, dad's aunt - and was so happy to meet you!  It was a very special afternoon!


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