Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My First Mother's Day

This Sunday was a super special day for me, as it was my first Mother's Day!  We were out of town for a college graduation so, majority of the day was spent traveling back home - who would of thought, us, traveling!?  It will be the same come Father's Day so, what do ya do!?  Matt let me sleep in that morning - & I woke up feeling guilty but, it was so much appreciated!  Traveling actually worked out in my favor though because we just so happened to be passing by my favorite small Texas town, Gruene & stopped to spend some time there.  While walking around we stumbled upon a new-to-us outdoor place that had live music so, we stopped in & spent the rest of our time there.  It was exactly what we love to do & we had so much fun!  When we got home Sunday night Matt gave me my card & gift.  In the card was a foot print & a hand print of Jack's - my heart melted!  I will cherish that card forever & ever!  The boys also gave me this beautiful James Avery ring with Jack's initials on it - I love it so much!

Sleepy boy!

Family Selfie

This boy... He makes my heart just explode with love & happiness.  I have truly never known a love the way I love this little boy & I am so blessed to be his mommy!


  1. Happy first Mother's Day! That is a bummer you had to travel but at least you had a new addition ro travel with!

  2. Beautiful!!! Happy Mother's Day, sweetness! xx

  3. Its crazy how much Jack looks like your hubby! Happy 1st Mothers Day!

  4. Aww Happy first Mother's Day Shayna :) Jack is growing so fast!! You look great by the way :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Those chubby cheeks! Could he be any cuter?! Happy first Mother's Day to you!


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