Monday, June 29, 2015

Weekend Rundown!

Lately we've been on the go quite a bit!  We had no plans for this weekend at all & suddenly it filled up quite quickly!  Matt & I went out Friday night to Billy Bob's to see Cooder Graw & The great Divide!  Both are older Texas Country bands that we love!  We haven't had a date night since our anniversary so, we soaked it up!  Jack stayed overnight (for the first time ever!) at my dad's & did great... & Bingham is at Matt's parents so the house was baby & fur-child free!!!  Needless to say, it was all much needed!

Saturday morning I met up with my girlfriends for brunch at Torchy's - can't get enough of that place!  Our friends had invited us to Concert in the Gardens at the Ft Worth Botanical Gardens Saturday night. We had never been but, it was a lot of fun!  Babies, blankets on the lawn, snacks & adult bevs & live music = a great night!

After the concert they had a short fireworks show!  It was a good test run to see how the babies would do... Alden slept through it & Jack seemed not to mind it, was certainly intrigued by them!

Sunday was a recovery day & running some errands!  Matt & I had big plans to go to bed early but, Jack had other plans & fought us pretty good going to bed!  Hopefully tonight will bring us better luck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Frio River 2015

Last week we went on our first official family vacation - and survived!  Doing any sort of traveling with a little one is not easy & I questioned us going at all but, I'm so glad we did it!  We had fun with with our family & made a lot of memories!  So, here are some pictures of our trip to the Frio River in Concan, TX!

Day 1: We made it to the river & this boy didn't last long!  So, we emptied out the wagon & let him snooze!

Day 2: It rained on & off so we decided to stay at the house & take Jack for his first swim!  The pictures don't look like it but, Jack really did have fun & loved the water - just as we expected!

Day 3: It rained most of the day - boo! but, let up enough that afternoon for us to jump in the pool one last time!  We borrowed & were gifted this full-bottom shark float & Jack really enjoyed it! 

Despite the rainy days that were upon us we still had a great time!!  Can't wait for our next family trip & more memories to be made!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Goals!

Something else I'm looking forward to is getting back to my monthly goals!  It always helps me to have them written down so that I can remind myself what I wanted to get done & have a physical check list.  Even throughout the week at home I keep a running "to-do" list to keep me on track with what all I need to get done.  Sooo... Here with go with June goals!

June Goals

+ Date night with Matt - these are more important than ever these days!
+ Have a family zoo day
+ Relax on family vacation - I'm really hoping to leave all the real world stuff at home
+ Organize the guest room
+ Build out the hall closet & organize it
+ Plan Jack's Baptism party
+ Have a back yard family dinner night

Keeping it short & sweet... and realistic for this month!

Because what's a blog post these days without a cute baby!?  Selfies at Home Depot!

What are your goals for June?

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life Lately

You may... or may not have noticed that I've taken a bit of a blogging break the last few weeks.  To be honest, I feel like I don't have much else to talk about other than straight baby talk.  I've decided that's ok.  This is a lifestyle blog & this is the season of my life right now.  So, I hope those of you that have been around will still be here but, if not that's ok too - I understand.  For those that may be new around here, Hello!  Welcome to it!

So, what have I been up to lately....

Reading... Baby 411 It's a great reference book & it's been pretty helpful so far!

Hosting... A Memorial Day cook-out where it rained the whole time & we had about 18 adults & 4 littles in our house & back porch!  Matt smoked some pork ribs & chicken for the first time ever & they were awesome!  We had too much fun & forgot to take 1 single picture!!

I also hosted our first "official" playdate last Monday... 5 mommies, 5 babies & 1 mommy-to-be - another full house but, it was so fun to get together with other mommas and all chat about our new lives & rolls.  I can't wait for the next play date!  Again... we had too much fun for any pictures - next time!!

Going to... Target!  A ton!  It seems that as soon as I think we have everything we need, we either run out of something or I realize I forgot something!  #neverending

A new favorite dinner spot for us in town, Torchy's Tacos!  It's a fun, upbeat restaurant - the queso is oh-so-good, beers are good & oh yeah... the food!  And it's a fun, easy place to take the babies to!  We typically go with other friends who have a baby boy just a month older than Jack so, it's a good time!

Putting away... Jack's newborn & 0-3/3 month clothes!  {Insert a million crying faces here!}  I cannot believe the time has come for me to even do this.  It didn't help that the afternoon I tackled this task Jack was giving me grief for being on his play mat.  Sort of like telling me He didn't approve of what I was doing... I know, I know buddy - I don't want to either is all I could think!  Ugh, knife in the 'ol momma heart for sure!

And of course... There's the day to day stuff of laundry, baby baths, dinner - trying to eat healthy, trying to get out and exercise, playing with Jack on his play mat, in his chair... basically soaking up time with him as He grows more & more each day!

Looking forward to... Our family vacation next week to the river!  It's going to be so nice to escape to the hill country & introduce Jack to the swimming pool for the first time!

I'm excited to be back here in this space & am looking forward to connecting again!  I hope to share all things baby related, mommy related, house projects, recipes & more!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 4 Months

Oh boy!  Oh boy!  4 months have come... and gone!  On one hand I can't believe we've only been doing this parental thing for 4 months because it feels like this has been our life forever but, on the other hand I feel like we're just getting the swing of things.  I think you're probably always getting the swing of things?  Always changing, always learning?  Yes, I think so & I'm loving all of it!

Weight - 15.7 lbs

Height - 24.5 inches

Hair - Still have a ton of hair!  It is getting lighter though & in certain lights it has a red tint to it.

Eyes - Still blue as ever!  I know you're a boy but, they are some beautiful blue eyes!

Clothes - Officially wearing 6 month clothes!  You are still wearing some 3 month rompers and jammies are 3-6 months!

Diapers - Right after you turned 3 months we transitioned into size 2 diapers!  We've tried different variations but, it seems that Huggies Little Snugglers are still what works best for you!

Sleeping - We really can't complain, you're sleeping pretty good!  You go to bed about 8pm & sleep until about 2 or 3 and wake up for a bottle.  You typically go back to sleep pretty easily.  Sometimes you wake up about 6 but, not really ready to wake up so it's back to sleep & up at 7:20am on. the. dot!!  Naps are ok but, they are more like cat-naps for the most part.  Unless you're napping with Mommy or Daddy on the couch - you sleep like an angel!  And I'm proud to say you are still sleeping exclusively in your crib!!!

Eating - You are eating like a little champ as proven by your weight gain!  You are now taking 5oz bottles every 3-4 hours with the exception of during the night.  We started adding rice cereal to your bottle after your 4 month appt. to help with your spitting up but, we aren't having much luck with it yet.  Hoping things turn around soon for all of our sake!  :)

+You had a couple first this month - first zoo trip & trip to Gruene, TX for Mother's Day!
+ You talk a ton (& much louder these days!) & have begun doing little belly laughs - it's the cutest thing ever combined with your big gummy smiles!
+ This month you found your tongue & love sticking it out!
+ You have started grabbing at things & holding onto thing.  Your playmat is your new favorite thing!  You love to grab at each of the toys & try so hard to pull them straight to your mouth!
+Speaking of, everything goes to your mouth - your fingers & fist, toys, burp rags - everything!
+ You really enjoy sitting up!  Whether it is on our laps or in your bumbo-like chair, you love being in the middle of everything & seeing it all!
+ You are also holding your head up completely on your own!  You get stronger everyday!

Telling us allll about it!

+ And by the looks of it you wear a lot of blue!  :) You look good in blue, what can I say!?

We love you so much Jack Montgomery! We cannot imagine life without you & are eternally grateful to be your mommy & daddy!!


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