Monday, June 8, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 4 Months

Oh boy!  Oh boy!  4 months have come... and gone!  On one hand I can't believe we've only been doing this parental thing for 4 months because it feels like this has been our life forever but, on the other hand I feel like we're just getting the swing of things.  I think you're probably always getting the swing of things?  Always changing, always learning?  Yes, I think so & I'm loving all of it!

Weight - 15.7 lbs

Height - 24.5 inches

Hair - Still have a ton of hair!  It is getting lighter though & in certain lights it has a red tint to it.

Eyes - Still blue as ever!  I know you're a boy but, they are some beautiful blue eyes!

Clothes - Officially wearing 6 month clothes!  You are still wearing some 3 month rompers and jammies are 3-6 months!

Diapers - Right after you turned 3 months we transitioned into size 2 diapers!  We've tried different variations but, it seems that Huggies Little Snugglers are still what works best for you!

Sleeping - We really can't complain, you're sleeping pretty good!  You go to bed about 8pm & sleep until about 2 or 3 and wake up for a bottle.  You typically go back to sleep pretty easily.  Sometimes you wake up about 6 but, not really ready to wake up so it's back to sleep & up at 7:20am on. the. dot!!  Naps are ok but, they are more like cat-naps for the most part.  Unless you're napping with Mommy or Daddy on the couch - you sleep like an angel!  And I'm proud to say you are still sleeping exclusively in your crib!!!

Eating - You are eating like a little champ as proven by your weight gain!  You are now taking 5oz bottles every 3-4 hours with the exception of during the night.  We started adding rice cereal to your bottle after your 4 month appt. to help with your spitting up but, we aren't having much luck with it yet.  Hoping things turn around soon for all of our sake!  :)

+You had a couple first this month - first zoo trip & trip to Gruene, TX for Mother's Day!
+ You talk a ton (& much louder these days!) & have begun doing little belly laughs - it's the cutest thing ever combined with your big gummy smiles!
+ This month you found your tongue & love sticking it out!
+ You have started grabbing at things & holding onto thing.  Your playmat is your new favorite thing!  You love to grab at each of the toys & try so hard to pull them straight to your mouth!
+Speaking of, everything goes to your mouth - your fingers & fist, toys, burp rags - everything!
+ You really enjoy sitting up!  Whether it is on our laps or in your bumbo-like chair, you love being in the middle of everything & seeing it all!
+ You are also holding your head up completely on your own!  You get stronger everyday!

Telling us allll about it!

+ And by the looks of it you wear a lot of blue!  :) You look good in blue, what can I say!?

We love you so much Jack Montgomery! We cannot imagine life without you & are eternally grateful to be your mommy & daddy!!


  1. Oh my goodness he is way too cute for words and four months already? Geez time needs to slow down!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The mustache outfits are my favorite! Blue eyed boys look so good in them :) I swear I wash ours every few days just so he can wear them again! Haha.

    1. Aww love it!! Yes, I do love the mustache outfits!!


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