Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Goals!

Something else I'm looking forward to is getting back to my monthly goals!  It always helps me to have them written down so that I can remind myself what I wanted to get done & have a physical check list.  Even throughout the week at home I keep a running "to-do" list to keep me on track with what all I need to get done.  Sooo... Here with go with June goals!

June Goals

+ Date night with Matt - these are more important than ever these days!
+ Have a family zoo day
+ Relax on family vacation - I'm really hoping to leave all the real world stuff at home
+ Organize the guest room
+ Build out the hall closet & organize it
+ Plan Jack's Baptism party
+ Have a back yard family dinner night

Keeping it short & sweet... and realistic for this month!

Because what's a blog post these days without a cute baby!?  Selfies at Home Depot!

What are your goals for June?


  1. Wow - hope all those goals are met !!!!

  2. A family backyard dinner sounds fun! And i love that picture!

  3. First and last one for the win! Nicely done! xo

  4. Great goals Shayna! My partner and I are overdue for a Date Night too. ps. Jack is growing waaaay to fast! such a cutey :)


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