Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Life Lately

You may... or may not have noticed that I've taken a bit of a blogging break the last few weeks.  To be honest, I feel like I don't have much else to talk about other than straight baby talk.  I've decided that's ok.  This is a lifestyle blog & this is the season of my life right now.  So, I hope those of you that have been around will still be here but, if not that's ok too - I understand.  For those that may be new around here, Hello!  Welcome to it!

So, what have I been up to lately....

Reading... Baby 411 It's a great reference book & it's been pretty helpful so far!

Hosting... A Memorial Day cook-out where it rained the whole time & we had about 18 adults & 4 littles in our house & back porch!  Matt smoked some pork ribs & chicken for the first time ever & they were awesome!  We had too much fun & forgot to take 1 single picture!!

I also hosted our first "official" playdate last Monday... 5 mommies, 5 babies & 1 mommy-to-be - another full house but, it was so fun to get together with other mommas and all chat about our new lives & rolls.  I can't wait for the next play date!  Again... we had too much fun for any pictures - next time!!

Going to... Target!  A ton!  It seems that as soon as I think we have everything we need, we either run out of something or I realize I forgot something!  #neverending

A new favorite dinner spot for us in town, Torchy's Tacos!  It's a fun, upbeat restaurant - the queso is oh-so-good, beers are good & oh yeah... the food!  And it's a fun, easy place to take the babies to!  We typically go with other friends who have a baby boy just a month older than Jack so, it's a good time!

Putting away... Jack's newborn & 0-3/3 month clothes!  {Insert a million crying faces here!}  I cannot believe the time has come for me to even do this.  It didn't help that the afternoon I tackled this task Jack was giving me grief for being on his play mat.  Sort of like telling me He didn't approve of what I was doing... I know, I know buddy - I don't want to either is all I could think!  Ugh, knife in the 'ol momma heart for sure!

And of course... There's the day to day stuff of laundry, baby baths, dinner - trying to eat healthy, trying to get out and exercise, playing with Jack on his play mat, in his chair... basically soaking up time with him as He grows more & more each day!

Looking forward to... Our family vacation next week to the river!  It's going to be so nice to escape to the hill country & introduce Jack to the swimming pool for the first time!

I'm excited to be back here in this space & am looking forward to connecting again!  I hope to share all things baby related, mommy related, house projects, recipes & more!


  1. Love Torchy's! Kinda funny - my husband just built the owner's house here in Austin. :)

  2. I love hosting and it sounds like your Memorial Day gathering was great, fun and big!! You can’t beat a delicious queso. Yay for family vacation – looking forward to that is the best!!


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