Thursday, July 30, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday y'all!!  Whew... What a week!  Jack & I have been on the go quite a bit & I finally (thankfully) got back to cooking! I've been in such a cooking funk for way too long, I think I'm finally shaking it!  Moving along... I'm linking up with April today for Five on Friday.

1. Jack turns 6 months old today!!  HOW has this happened!? & so quickly!?  Update coming next week!

2. As mentioned above I have been back in the swing of cooking this week & it feels so good!  For a long time now I have made weekly meal plans & they just seem to work wonderfully for Matt & I!  It leaves out the guess work & decision making each evening and most importantly it helps to only make 1 weekly grocery trip!  I'm thinking about sharing my weekly meal plans here on the blog - probably on Sunday mornings & making it a link-up.  If you make a meal plan or have a recipe that you've recently shared on your blog, feel free to link-up!  Not only will this help keep me accountable but, I think it would be a fun way to find new recipes as well!  Thoughts?  Will you join me??

3. Jack & I have been on the go this week - every day but, Thursday we have been out of the house doing something!  Mostly fun things though... Monday we went to the Ft Worth Zoo with my girlfriend Erin & her sweet baby boy Camden!  And on Wednesday we all ventured to the Amon Carter Art Museum for Story Time!  Even though the boys were by far the youngest there, we still had a good time!  Jack loves being around people so He just soaked it all up!

Fun at the zoo!

Enjoying Story Time at the museum!

4. After almost 9 months I finally get to wear my wedding rings!!  I may of had to visit the jeweler to be able to wear them but, I AM WEARING THEM!!!  I have felt so naked without them & missed wearing them so much.  It feels great to finally have them back... and much more blingy than they've been in a looong time!

5. And last but, certainly not least... Hearing of the passing of Leslie Sisti from A Blonde Ambition has me completely heart broken.  I hadn't read Leslie's blog in a long time but, would keep up with her through social media.  I cannot imagine her final days, knowing she would be leaving behind her husband & two tiny baby girls.  My heart hurts for Leslie, her husband & especially her two girls.  Although I was fortunate enough to have my mom for 19 years, it's still not easy not having your mom around.  I can only imagine what it will be like for those girls.  I have prayed so much for them this week & squeezed my Jack a whole lot tighter.  Forcing myself to put the phone down, get done what I need to & just play, soak it up & enjoy all the time I can with him.  My thoughts & prayers are with Lesli's family today & in the coming weeks as they begin to adjust to life without her.

Sorry to end on a somber note but, I hope y'all have a great weekend!  Soak it up!  Live it up!  And love whoever a whoooole lot!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby Favorites: Newborn - 3 Months

With Jack being almost 6 months old - cue the tears! - I wanted to share some of our favorite & most-used items for New Born to 3 months!  I know there are a million & one of these list out there but, each baby/family/household is different and needs are different.  So, I wanted to share what worked for our little family in the early days!  Feel free to add your favorites/must-haves in the comments!

1. Fisher Price Rock 'n Sleeper - Instead of using a bassinet for the first few months we used this Rock 'n Sleeper for Jack to sleep in in our room and all over the house!  It's easy to fold up and store away and to travel with!

2. Boppy Lounger - In the early weeks of Jack being born we used this constantly!  On the couch, on the floor, on the countertop (we were close by!) but, basically everywhere!  It was just nice to have something else for Jack to lay on and wouldn't get tired of one thing.

3. Fisher Price Infant - to - Toddler Rocker - We initially had a much older model of this chair that was our two nephews who are now 6 & 8!  We loved it so much we decided to get a new model so that it would last for a long time!  We have used this from about 1 month to present time & don't go anywhere (lengthy trips away from home) without it.  We like this particular model because the monkeys detach & you can hang other toys from the top of the bar or hang things like toys bars across it.  If you buy nothing else from this list buy this!!!

4. Zip-up Pajamas - These are just a must!  The zip-up style makes it so much easier for getting jammies on & off & especially during those middle of the night changes where you only have one eye open.

5. Motorola Digital Monitor - What a life saver this thing has been!  We have used this pretty much from the get-go!  When Jack was a newborn Matt angled the camera right next to Jack's crib so I was able to put the Rock 'n Sleeper in his room each morning & let him nap in his nursery.  It's easy to set-up & take down so we've been able to take it along to each of our road trips that we've taken which gives us such peace of mind while away from home!

6. Newborn Boys Blanket Set - We have this exact set & the gender neutral set.  These are blankets that we used in the beginning & are still using!  They make great swaddle blankets & aren't too heavy but, not too thin either.  They're soft & stretchy & overall just a really great blanket!

7. Boon Grass & Twig Drying Rack - This drying rack is perfect for bottles, bottle nipples, bottle rings... and now days baby spoons & bowls.  It's a cute set-up that brings a little fun to the kitchen & doing the dishes!  The twig is a great addition as well & we hang bottle nipples from it!

8. Whale Bath Tub - Not only is this guy cute but, it fit well in our sink & fits perfectly in the bath tub!  We were given this by some friends who had outgrown it & it's one of our favorite hand-me-downs!  Jack doesn't slide around in it at all & loves to splash around in it!

9. Nursing Pillow - This thing has come in so handy & we certainly use it even now that I'm not breast feeding!  When Jack started taking bottles Matt would use it to feed him as would I.  I still use it when I am rocking Jack to sleep!  This nursing pillow is smaller than the Boppy or My Breast Friend but, that's why I like it - it's not as big & bulky yet still serves it's purpose well.  Also, it makes for easy packing to take along with you on trips & such!  Aaand!  These nursing pillows are always 40% off or you can Google the code to get one free, just pay shipping!

What were/are your most used/favorite New Born - 3 Month items?

Monday, July 27, 2015

Jack's Baptism

Wowza!  How is it already Monday!?  The weekends typically fly on by but, this one went exceptionally quick!  Family in town, baby baptized, family out of town... And it's Monday!  Anyways, since we can't get the weekend back I'll just share a bit of ours!  Saturday evening we had Jack baptized!  We had a handful of our family & a few friends attend mass and then it was back to our house for burgers & cake!  I was a nervous wreck thinking that Jack would lose it at the altar & we would be the people with their baby crying.  He's typically pretty good in church & thankfully Saturday was no different - He was a ham & was just checking it out & taking it all in!  Poor guy did crashed though not too long after we got back to the house - He was celebrated out!  Here's a few pictures from Jack's baptism.

It was so special to have Deacon Lynn baptize Jack because He also married Matt & I!

Jack's Godparents!

Jack's cake that my aunt decorated!  It was sooo good!

And because there was cake we had to have a picture with it!

This weekend was such a special one!  We are so thankful & blessed with all the love & prayers for Jack!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Five on Friday!

Hi friends!  Happy Friday!!

This week has been non-stop all day, errday!  Jack is being baptized this weekend & my to-do list for the house & preparations for family coming in has been a mile long!  I'm linking up with April for Five on Friday!

One - On Monday, Jack & I started our week out having breakfast on the back porch!  It hadn't started getting hot yet & there was a teeny little breeze... It was the best way to start off our day & week!

Two - Needing a way to beat the heat this Summer?  One of my all-time favorite cakes that I have made is my DiY Ice Cream Cake!  I first made it for my dad's birthday & I've made it for other family gatherings... No matter what though, it's a hit!

Three- It's only taken me (almost) 6 months but, we finally have pictures of Jack on the walls!  He is officially a member of the family!  Ha!  Who am I kidding??  The toys, bottles... everything! means he's been an official member of the family for a good while now!

Four - Speaking of those baby toys... I have a couple baskets in Jack's room & had a small basket in the living room for them... Well, that small basket hasn't been cutting it for a little while now!  So, last weekend while I was in Home Goods I stumbled upon this useful little {actually it's not that little!} basket & it is working perfectly for containing alll of Jack's toys!  AND there's plenty of room to add more toys!  Aaannnd yes, it sits next to the dog's toy bin!  :)

Five - Astronaut Wives Club anyone??  Y'all I am obsessed with this show!!  It's certainly the one show I make sure is DVR'd so I can catch up on Friday or over the weekend!  It's my Scandal for Summer time!

Happy Friday y'all!  I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Moms Night Out with Ft Worth Moms Blog

Last Thursday night my girlfriend Erin & I attended our first Moms Night Out hosted by Fort Worth Moms Blog at Kendra Scott in University Village!  We had such a good time - the bubbly was flowing & the swag bags were tip-top!  Different stores within University Village also participated with special discounts, drawings & complimentary drinks!  Oh & we were treated to complimentary neck & shoulder massages at Lemongrass Salon... Just what mommas need!!

There were several different drawings throughout the evening that Fort Worth Moms Blog did & Erin & I both won!!  Whoop! Whoop!  So, here's some pics I snapped of our evening out & our awesome swag bags!!

My earrings that I purchased that evening... insert heart eyes emoji!!

Aaaand the necklace that I won!  It was the last drawing of the night & my name was called!  Insert allll the heart eye emojis here!!!

And here is all the goodies that were in our swag bag!
Puree pouches, cookies, Kendra Scott coupons, lotions, pony tail holders, & alll kinds of different coupons for free & discounted things around town!

Would you believe that this was my first time to Kendra Scott!?  It certainly won't be my last though... I think I'm in love!!

Erin & I had such a good time Thursday night!  Emily & the ladies behind Ft Worth Moms Blog did such an amazing job with this event!  We are both looking forward to more events coming up this Fall!

Find your local City Moms Blog here!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Day in The Life of... Momma & Jack

I'm always curious what other people's days look like, what they're up to & how they do it all! So, I thought today would be a fun way to share a little about our day-to-day with Jack & I. All fancy iPhone pictures from Monday...

Someone woke up kind of early (6:45) but, decided he wasn't quite ready to really wake up... Asleep in my arms - I'm sure he loved the flash! 

So, I finally put Jack down about 7:30 in his chair in the living room & grabbed me a quick bowl of cereal!

Asleep in his chair... & breakfast when He decided to wake up about 8:00. Note: it's rare Jack sleeps until 8. He is normally up by 7:20 on. The. Dot.

After Jack woke up & ate we were out the door for a quick 1 mile walk in the neighborhood!  I've set a goal of 3-4x a week so, I'm gettin' to it!!

After we got back from our walk Jack took a short nap & I started working on purées!  I'm learning all sorts of stuff & can't wait to share with y'all!

Green bean purée I made on Sunday!

Realizing I didn't do a great job of documenting but, Jack had his lunch time bottle then we played, He napped & I tackled some of the never-ending laundry!  It's the one part of housework I've always hated... Anyone else??

Once Jack woke up from his (short) nap He ate, played.... & we napped again!  I had been going full throttle this day so, by late afternoon it was time for me to get some snuggles in!

That evening was our first round of homemade purées - Green Beans!  Needless to say, I think we have a texture guy on our hands & He was not a fan! Haha!  We'll keep trying!

That evening was dinner for Matt & I, bath time for Jack & then to bed. Bedtime always varies but, it's typically around 8 o'clock or so.  Just depends on when his last bottle was, etc.

And that's it... A day in the life of us!  Nothing glamorous but, I wouldn't trade it!  I love my little boss/co-worker!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Nursery Closet Organization

After we found out we were pregnant & decided which room would be the nursery I knew we needed to make some changes to the closet.  So, I pleaded my case to Matt & He thankfully agreed and we got to work on a plan to make more storage within the closet!

Originally the closet only had one shelf and one clothes rod at the top.  We decided to keep the top shelf & rod & add a few more shelves.  To make sure we were happy with the spacing we taped off our design with blue painters tape.  Having some of Jack's clothes already hanging in the closet helped to get an idea of where the second shelf should go.

The space to the left was created for his laundry basket.  His room is on the smaller side so, I wanted to make sure his laundry basket was in his closet, as one less thing to take up space in the room.  I had ideas that I would place wicker baskets on the two lower shelves and leave everything else open for "stuff".  We got the boards painted & Matt installed them...

In the very top of his closet we keep his Pack & Play and extra diapers in his current size.  At the time on the "top" shelf was his diaper bag, sample formulas, his chair & more diapers.  Now, you can find his overnight duffle bag, bowls & spoons for when we're ready to start solids (soon!), extra diapers & diaper wipes.

From top left to right, in the wicker baskets I store blankets, socks & baby beanies, bibs, shorts & pants & then odd & end stuff - extra Arm & Hammer on-the-go diaper bags, travel changing pads, etc.

Overall his closet make-over has worked out great for us & I love all of the extra space I have for everything!  I can already foresee the shelves being great for toy storage & such when Jack gets older and we're done with the wicker baskets.  The possibilities are endless with this once small, not-much-use closet!

To see Jack's full nursery, click here!

Luandry Basket - Home Goods
Wicker Baskets - Hobby Lobby
Curtains - Target

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 5 Months

Another month has come & gone!  They are flying by faster & faster each month but, with each new week & each new month it's an absolute joy to watch our little man grow!


Weight: Not 100% on this but, it's got to be somewhere around 16.5 & 17 lbs!

Hair: It's still there but, it's definitely thinning out!  This absolutely breaks my heart but, I'm hoping this means it will just come back in thicker than ever!  #fingerscrossed

Eyes: Blue! Blue! Blue!

Clothes:  Still wearing 6 month clothes.  As of this last week I think it's safe to say our 3 month rompers are out - but, I'm so glad they lasted as long as they did!  #rompersforthewin  You are in 9 month pajamas but, that is the Carter's brand and I feel like a 6-9 month in the Gerber brand would fit great & probably last us a little longer - your clothes can get expensive but, I love buying them!

Diapers:  You are still in size 2, Huggies Little Snugglers

Sleeping: You are taking 3 naps during the day.  Depends on what all we've done since the one before but, typically they last between 30 min. - 1 hour.  If you're sleeping in my arms you'll go for about 1-2 hours!  Your dad gets onto me for doing this but, I can't help it, I love this time with you!  At night your sleeping pretty well though, still getting up once for a bottle between 1 & 3am.

Eating: You are still eating like a champ but, we've lowered your amount back down to 4 oz bottles every 3-ish hours because you were spewing so much after every bottle!  That combined with adding rice cereal has helped quite a bit!

+ Several "first" happened this month... Swimming pool experience, Father's Day, Family reunion, Official family vacation.
+ You love to blow bubbles
+ You suddenly have one single dimple on your right cheek - #love
+ You've started trying to put your bink in your mouth - it's the cutest thing because it's backwards every time!
+ You're also trying to hold your bottle - you have the grasping part down but, haven't figured out that you have to turn the bottle up... one day you'll get it though! ;)
+ You have turned into quite the acrobatic in bed!  It's not uncommon for us to find you completely sideways in your crib - crazy kid!
+ You are starting to roll over.  Once you figure out how to get your bottom arm out of the way you'll be rolling everywhere!

Jack, you are the sweetest, funniest little guy!  You truly are such a joy to have in our lives!  Your laugh is infectious & your little personality is just the best!  For the most part, you make parenting pretty darn easy & make me want to clone you a million times over!  We love, love, love you so much baby boy - I hope you always know that!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Goals!

4th of July at PK Lake

Geeze louise!  Months just flyyyy by!  Seriously, they flew by pre-baby & they go that much faster now that Jack is here!  Goal-wise, I did ok in June but, I definitely need to be more intentional about my goals in July.  It's so easy to let the days slip by & before you know it a week has passed & then the month is over.  So, here's to being more intentional this month & really getting things done!


+ Date night with Matt
+ Family zoo day
+ Relax on family vacation
+ Organize the guest room
+ Build out the hall closet & organize it
+ Plan Jack's Baptism party
+ Have a back yard family dinner night


+ Build out the hall closet & organize it
+ Organize the guest room
+ Clean up the flower beds in the front yard
+ Have a family zoo day
+ Have a back yard family dinner night
+ Make a budget & stick to it
+ Have a "no spending" week
+ Make a meal plan & stick to it
+ Workout 3x per week
+ Visit the park or take walks with Jack 2-3 days a week

Do you make monthly goals?  What are your goals for July?


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