Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Day in The Life of... Momma & Jack

I'm always curious what other people's days look like, what they're up to & how they do it all! So, I thought today would be a fun way to share a little about our day-to-day with Jack & I. All fancy iPhone pictures from Monday...

Someone woke up kind of early (6:45) but, decided he wasn't quite ready to really wake up... Asleep in my arms - I'm sure he loved the flash! 

So, I finally put Jack down about 7:30 in his chair in the living room & grabbed me a quick bowl of cereal!

Asleep in his chair... & breakfast when He decided to wake up about 8:00. Note: it's rare Jack sleeps until 8. He is normally up by 7:20 on. The. Dot.

After Jack woke up & ate we were out the door for a quick 1 mile walk in the neighborhood!  I've set a goal of 3-4x a week so, I'm gettin' to it!!

After we got back from our walk Jack took a short nap & I started working on purées!  I'm learning all sorts of stuff & can't wait to share with y'all!

Green bean purée I made on Sunday!

Realizing I didn't do a great job of documenting but, Jack had his lunch time bottle then we played, He napped & I tackled some of the never-ending laundry!  It's the one part of housework I've always hated... Anyone else??

Once Jack woke up from his (short) nap He ate, played.... & we napped again!  I had been going full throttle this day so, by late afternoon it was time for me to get some snuggles in!

That evening was our first round of homemade purées - Green Beans!  Needless to say, I think we have a texture guy on our hands & He was not a fan! Haha!  We'll keep trying!

That evening was dinner for Matt & I, bath time for Jack & then to bed. Bedtime always varies but, it's typically around 8 o'clock or so.  Just depends on when his last bottle was, etc.

And that's it... A day in the life of us!  Nothing glamorous but, I wouldn't trade it!  I love my little boss/co-worker!


  1. I hate, HATE laundry and can't imagine how much I'll hate it when a little person comes along!

  2. I love making puree's! We are in the 'blends' stage. I'm having the best time coming up with different combinations for my lil guy to try. Looking forward to your puree post!

  3. I have a day in the life down for us to do this summer but it seems like I always tend to forget to document with pictures. I love seeing everyone's day or how they do it. Jack is getting so big girl.

  4. I love a good night bowl of cereal! Especially crunch berries! :-)

  5. I love to read about other's days! That's awesome that you're walking a few miles a week! I need to start doing that! Glad Jack slept in a little bit for you! :)


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