Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Baby Favorites: Newborn - 3 Months

With Jack being almost 6 months old - cue the tears! - I wanted to share some of our favorite & most-used items for New Born to 3 months!  I know there are a million & one of these list out there but, each baby/family/household is different and needs are different.  So, I wanted to share what worked for our little family in the early days!  Feel free to add your favorites/must-haves in the comments!

1. Fisher Price Rock 'n Sleeper - Instead of using a bassinet for the first few months we used this Rock 'n Sleeper for Jack to sleep in in our room and all over the house!  It's easy to fold up and store away and to travel with!

2. Boppy Lounger - In the early weeks of Jack being born we used this constantly!  On the couch, on the floor, on the countertop (we were close by!) but, basically everywhere!  It was just nice to have something else for Jack to lay on and wouldn't get tired of one thing.

3. Fisher Price Infant - to - Toddler Rocker - We initially had a much older model of this chair that was our two nephews who are now 6 & 8!  We loved it so much we decided to get a new model so that it would last for a long time!  We have used this from about 1 month to present time & don't go anywhere (lengthy trips away from home) without it.  We like this particular model because the monkeys detach & you can hang other toys from the top of the bar or hang things like toys bars across it.  If you buy nothing else from this list buy this!!!

4. Zip-up Pajamas - These are just a must!  The zip-up style makes it so much easier for getting jammies on & off & especially during those middle of the night changes where you only have one eye open.

5. Motorola Digital Monitor - What a life saver this thing has been!  We have used this pretty much from the get-go!  When Jack was a newborn Matt angled the camera right next to Jack's crib so I was able to put the Rock 'n Sleeper in his room each morning & let him nap in his nursery.  It's easy to set-up & take down so we've been able to take it along to each of our road trips that we've taken which gives us such peace of mind while away from home!

6. Newborn Boys Blanket Set - We have this exact set & the gender neutral set.  These are blankets that we used in the beginning & are still using!  They make great swaddle blankets & aren't too heavy but, not too thin either.  They're soft & stretchy & overall just a really great blanket!

7. Boon Grass & Twig Drying Rack - This drying rack is perfect for bottles, bottle nipples, bottle rings... and now days baby spoons & bowls.  It's a cute set-up that brings a little fun to the kitchen & doing the dishes!  The twig is a great addition as well & we hang bottle nipples from it!

8. Whale Bath Tub - Not only is this guy cute but, it fit well in our sink & fits perfectly in the bath tub!  We were given this by some friends who had outgrown it & it's one of our favorite hand-me-downs!  Jack doesn't slide around in it at all & loves to splash around in it!

9. Nursing Pillow - This thing has come in so handy & we certainly use it even now that I'm not breast feeding!  When Jack started taking bottles Matt would use it to feed him as would I.  I still use it when I am rocking Jack to sleep!  This nursing pillow is smaller than the Boppy or My Breast Friend but, that's why I like it - it's not as big & bulky yet still serves it's purpose well.  Also, it makes for easy packing to take along with you on trips & such!  Aaand!  These nursing pillows are always 40% off or you can Google the code to get one free, just pay shipping!

What were/are your most used/favorite New Born - 3 Month items?


  1. Yup this is pretty much all my favorites too! We could not live without our monitor!! The rock n play was also a lifesaver!

  2. Yep - you are so right. The zip up jammies make a world of a difference! Those buttons just don't fly with me at 3am.


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