Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Jack Montgomery - 5 Months

Another month has come & gone!  They are flying by faster & faster each month but, with each new week & each new month it's an absolute joy to watch our little man grow!


Weight: Not 100% on this but, it's got to be somewhere around 16.5 & 17 lbs!

Hair: It's still there but, it's definitely thinning out!  This absolutely breaks my heart but, I'm hoping this means it will just come back in thicker than ever!  #fingerscrossed

Eyes: Blue! Blue! Blue!

Clothes:  Still wearing 6 month clothes.  As of this last week I think it's safe to say our 3 month rompers are out - but, I'm so glad they lasted as long as they did!  #rompersforthewin  You are in 9 month pajamas but, that is the Carter's brand and I feel like a 6-9 month in the Gerber brand would fit great & probably last us a little longer - your clothes can get expensive but, I love buying them!

Diapers:  You are still in size 2, Huggies Little Snugglers

Sleeping: You are taking 3 naps during the day.  Depends on what all we've done since the one before but, typically they last between 30 min. - 1 hour.  If you're sleeping in my arms you'll go for about 1-2 hours!  Your dad gets onto me for doing this but, I can't help it, I love this time with you!  At night your sleeping pretty well though, still getting up once for a bottle between 1 & 3am.

Eating: You are still eating like a champ but, we've lowered your amount back down to 4 oz bottles every 3-ish hours because you were spewing so much after every bottle!  That combined with adding rice cereal has helped quite a bit!

+ Several "first" happened this month... Swimming pool experience, Father's Day, Family reunion, Official family vacation.
+ You love to blow bubbles
+ You suddenly have one single dimple on your right cheek - #love
+ You've started trying to put your bink in your mouth - it's the cutest thing because it's backwards every time!
+ You're also trying to hold your bottle - you have the grasping part down but, haven't figured out that you have to turn the bottle up... one day you'll get it though! ;)
+ You have turned into quite the acrobatic in bed!  It's not uncommon for us to find you completely sideways in your crib - crazy kid!
+ You are starting to roll over.  Once you figure out how to get your bottom arm out of the way you'll be rolling everywhere!

Jack, you are the sweetest, funniest little guy!  You truly are such a joy to have in our lives!  Your laugh is infectious & your little personality is just the best!  For the most part, you make parenting pretty darn easy & make me want to clone you a million times over!  We love, love, love you so much baby boy - I hope you always know that!


  1. Happy 5 months!!!! Love all the pics of him, he is such a cutie!

  2. What a handsome and happy little dude! He is the cutest thing ever! Love that big grin!

  3. A spoon is what I need so I can eat him up!

  4. HOW is he 5 months already my word it sure does fly! I'm already so sad just thinking about it. AAAAAAAH :( He is such a cutie, his smile kills me. Happy boy!


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