Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Goals!

4th of July at PK Lake

Geeze louise!  Months just flyyyy by!  Seriously, they flew by pre-baby & they go that much faster now that Jack is here!  Goal-wise, I did ok in June but, I definitely need to be more intentional about my goals in July.  It's so easy to let the days slip by & before you know it a week has passed & then the month is over.  So, here's to being more intentional this month & really getting things done!


+ Date night with Matt
+ Family zoo day
+ Relax on family vacation
+ Organize the guest room
+ Build out the hall closet & organize it
+ Plan Jack's Baptism party
+ Have a back yard family dinner night


+ Build out the hall closet & organize it
+ Organize the guest room
+ Clean up the flower beds in the front yard
+ Have a family zoo day
+ Have a back yard family dinner night
+ Make a budget & stick to it
+ Have a "no spending" week
+ Make a meal plan & stick to it
+ Workout 3x per week
+ Visit the park or take walks with Jack 2-3 days a week

Do you make monthly goals?  What are your goals for July?

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  1. Very nice post!!! I am glad that you completed most of your June tasks. Good job dear! I am also planning to host my sister’s birthday party at New York city party venue. Currently I am busy in estimating the expenses for this party. I want to stick to my budget so I’ll invite the guests according to that.


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