Monday, July 13, 2015

Nursery Closet Organization

After we found out we were pregnant & decided which room would be the nursery I knew we needed to make some changes to the closet.  So, I pleaded my case to Matt & He thankfully agreed and we got to work on a plan to make more storage within the closet!

Originally the closet only had one shelf and one clothes rod at the top.  We decided to keep the top shelf & rod & add a few more shelves.  To make sure we were happy with the spacing we taped off our design with blue painters tape.  Having some of Jack's clothes already hanging in the closet helped to get an idea of where the second shelf should go.

The space to the left was created for his laundry basket.  His room is on the smaller side so, I wanted to make sure his laundry basket was in his closet, as one less thing to take up space in the room.  I had ideas that I would place wicker baskets on the two lower shelves and leave everything else open for "stuff".  We got the boards painted & Matt installed them...

In the very top of his closet we keep his Pack & Play and extra diapers in his current size.  At the time on the "top" shelf was his diaper bag, sample formulas, his chair & more diapers.  Now, you can find his overnight duffle bag, bowls & spoons for when we're ready to start solids (soon!), extra diapers & diaper wipes.

From top left to right, in the wicker baskets I store blankets, socks & baby beanies, bibs, shorts & pants & then odd & end stuff - extra Arm & Hammer on-the-go diaper bags, travel changing pads, etc.

Overall his closet make-over has worked out great for us & I love all of the extra space I have for everything!  I can already foresee the shelves being great for toy storage & such when Jack gets older and we're done with the wicker baskets.  The possibilities are endless with this once small, not-much-use closet!

To see Jack's full nursery, click here!

Luandry Basket - Home Goods
Wicker Baskets - Hobby Lobby
Curtains - Target


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